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All Day Vegan is a unique book of really easy recipes, if you’re fed of complex books that tell you to find another page to find a recipe to find one of the ingredients, you know the kind of thing! This book by a popular YouTuber offers truly simple recipes. If you’ve just bought a chunk of artisan vegan cheese but don’t know what to do with it, or even if you’re quite the cook but don’t know where to start with plant-based cuisine, this is the book for you.

Before cooking, read up on food safety for people & pets (many human foods are unsafe around animal friends).

Recipes include:

  1. Strawberry cheesecake mousse
  2. Mini’s muesli guide (a no-recipe recipe!)
  3. Artichoke tortilla pizza

The book features step-by-step recipes straight from Mina’s own YouTube channel, with colourful photos of each recipe, kitchen staples and cooking tips, plus Mina’s no-nonsense digestible voice. Gone are the overly complex recipe your eyes glazed over in other books. Here you’ll find all you need to start cooking vegan – today!

Mina Rome has captured YouTube with her quick easy recipes (she has over half a million followers), detailed camera work an focus on plant-based ingredients. Her recipes capture all aspects of cooking including breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinners and desserts. She lives in Germany.

Caitlin’s super-simple vegan recipe book

Simply Delicious Vegan is a wonderful book packed with easy simple recipes that fit into real life. The recipes are free from gluten, oil and refined sugar and prove that good food does not have to be expensive, complicated or boring. Recipes include:

  1. Morning glory muffins
  2. Green curry soup with courgette noodles
  3. Cheesy battered courgette fries
  4. No-bake cosmic brownies

Caitlin Shoemaker is a recipe developer and photographer, who grew up on the US east coast, but now lives in Oregon (USA). She’s also a certified yoga teacher and loves walking outdoors and listening to chill music.

Liv B’s easy everyday vegan recipe books

Liv B's easy everyday cookbook

Liv B’s Easy Everyday Recipes is a lovely book of 5-ingredient recipes by a popular Canadian chef and blogger (who has hundreds of thousands of followers). Olivia’s YouTube channel has already 1 million monthly views, and you only get that if you make good recipes!

This is effortless and inexpensive plant-based cooking. Find over 100 recipes that are tasty and easy, baked on just 5 ingredients, or in one pot or baking tray. From meal prep to freezing instructions and from cooking tips to pressure cooker recipes, enjoy:

  1. Sheet pan pot pie
  2. One Pot mac ‘n’ cheese
  3. One pot mushroom stroganoff
  4. Frying pan granola
  5. Chorizo tempeh breakfast wraps

Also check out Liv’s other book: Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget. This also has lots of simple recipes including for homemade smoothies, spicy mango salsa, lasagna soup, ginger-glazed carrots and sweet sriracha cauliflower wraps.

Olivia Biermann focuses on a mix of comfort and health-conscious recipes and her debut book was a best-seller on release (including recipes for spicy mango salsa,a famous lasagne soup, ginger-glazed carrots and sweet sriracha cauliflower wraps). She loves to share how easy it is to eat yummy plant-based meals that are fast and simple, with accessible ingredients that don’t break the bank.

a refreshing book of 20-minute vegan recipes

the 20 minute vegan

The 20-Minute Vegan is a book by new cooking star Calum (we can seem him becoming the new Jamie Oliver). These simple affordable meals include proper pastas, creamy curries and fluffy pancakes, all made with easy-to-find  ingredients. Recipes include:

  • Proper porridge with a cherry jam
  • Fancy apple cinnamon oven oats
  • Fluffy blueberry pancakes
  • Danny Danny noodles
  • Miso beans & gnocchi
  • Silky chocolate mousse

This book is really good! Endorsed by Joe Wicks, if you like the Jamie Oliver kind of instructions, you’ll love this book. He can write, cook and also is on a mission to make it simple for anyone to cook.

I believe that with the recipes in this book and a few adjustments to your weekly shop, you’ll be flying and eating more vegan food in no time. And you’ll actually stick with it. You only need a little bit of prep to make meals that look like the rainbow and taste gorgeous. 20 minutes for me means 15 minutes with time for a little chat and going back to the fridge for an ingredient. I don’t have a stopwatch when I cook, as that would be too strict and I’d have no social life.

Calum Harris started showing off his recipes on Instagram. He built a huge following of devoted fans, which led him to become a fan favourite on The Great Cookbook Challenge with Jamie Oliver.

simple and delicious vegan

Simple and Delicious Vegan may not have been published by a big recipe company, nor be the cheapest (likely as it’s self-published). And the photograph is not perhaps up there with ‘celebrity cookbooks’. But don’t be fooled. If you’re looking for one of the best recipe books on the market, this is it! Author Michaela is from Germany (and now lives in Costa Rica away from fancy health stores). She initially went vegan to help severe cystic acne, and now remains that way for the animals, and to use her phenomenal talent to help others go vegan too.

simple and delicious vegan

The recipes are her blog Ele Vegan have millions of fans, and for good reason. All her recipes not only are simple (the book contains a visual ingredients list of each recipe) but they are unique and they work. Every single one. So yes the book is £25 (if you buy from an indie bookstore). But for that money, you get years worth of incredible recipes using real ingredients, and support one of the most talented and kind recipe bloggers on the net. The book is very detailed with metric and imperial measurements so people of any age can know how much to weigh out.

simple and delicious vegan

Recipes include:

simple and delicious vegan

  • Vegan cheese sauce
  • White bean dip
  • Scalloped potatoes
  • Creamy pasta soup
  • Curried cauliflower casserole
  • Vegan shepherd’s pie
  • Lentil bolognese
  • Hearty lentil stew

simple and delicious vegan

Desserts include:

simple and delicious vegan

  • Banana baked oatmeal
  • Blueberry apple crumble
  • No-bake cheesecake
  • Fruity cherry pie
  • Courgette brownies
  • Coffee chocolate pudding

simple and delicious vegan

Ela is the queen of vegan cooking; her recipes always work and are delicious. Dee Dine

Your recipes are unlike anything I’ve found in not just the vegan community, but in general. Anon

simple and delicious vegan

Ela is a passionate recipe writer and photographer who loves to cook gluten-free vegan food. Her Instagram recipes proved so popular she created what is now one of the world’s most popular vegan recipe blogs, and finally a first cookbook! A vegetarian since age 6, it was only a diagnosis of cystic acne that would not shift that caused her to give up dairy and eggs, and it disappeared in 2 weeks!

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