bamboo toothbrush with biobristles

This bamboo toothbrush with bio bristles has a handle made from bamboo (industrial bamboo is not the same as fresh shoots eaten by pandas) and biodegrades after use. Sent in plastic-free packaging, the bristles are made from bio-based castor oil. With medium firmness in a pretty design. At end of life, you can snap off the brush head and send it back to them for recycling.

Never use toothpastes/mouthwash etc containing xylitol if you live with pets (this can be lethal if licked from around your mouth or a sink – there should be warnings on packaging). Also avoid essential oil products for pregnancy/nursing and affected medical conditions. 

Dentists say most people use too much pressure to brush teeth, which is why bristles splay. They recommend 150g to 200g of pressure (press toothbrush on a set of scales, for an idea of correct pressure).

Around 5 billion plastic toothbrushes are binned each year, with two-tone handles being almost impossible to recycle. Terracycle offers a free (sponsored) recycling box to send all plastic dental waste off to be made into other goods. For now, most eco toothbrushes have synthetic bristles to avoid harm to animals, so just remove them with pliers and bin, then compost or reuse the handle.

boxes of beautiful bamboo toothbrushes

Wild & stone bamboo toothbrushes

Wild & Stone bamboo toothbrushes feature different colours, so you don’t get mixed up. Also in children’s versions designed for smaller hands, sold in cardboard boxes with brush stands. Talk to your dentist about correct age to brush.

wild & stone bamboo toothbrushes children

reusable stainless steel toothbrushes

Barnaby's brushes

Reusable stainless steel toothbrushes have handles that never need to be replaced. You simply unscrew the base from the bamboo head handles and replace (a bit like a reusable razor). Barnaby’s Brushes  (created by a former watersports instructor saddened by plastic waste) use surgical grade 316 stainless steel that is anti-bacterial and weighty in your hand.

evermore toothbrushes

Evermore toothbrushes have upright stands, so you don’t need a stand or tumbler, and the upcycled cork gasket locks the brush head in place – choose from three handle colours: rose gold, pearl silver or charcoal black). Then order refills.

inventive zero waste electric toothbrushes

bamboo sonicare toothbrush

Bruit Sonicare Bamboo Electric Toothbrush includes 3 bamboo toothbrush heads, a charging base and USB charger for 1 month battery life, if used daily. There’s a 2-minute timer and 5 clean settings (clean, white, polish, gum care and sensitive) and it carries a 1-year warranty. Sonic waves remove stubborn plaque.

suri electric toothbrush

Suri electric toothbrush is not just elegant for your bathroom, but it’s one of the greenest versions on the market, and sold alongside replacement heads. This award-winning toothbrush combines a durable aluminium body that can be taken apart for repair, to stop the billions of plastic toothbrushes being thrown away each year.

Use with glass jars of Georganics toothpaste (code AWIN15 for 15% discount) also as powder & tablets (mint, orange, tea-tree or charcoal). Avoid toothpastes with xylitol near pets (just licking a tiny amount could harm).

suri electric toothbrush

Powerful yet quiet, this dentist-approved toothbrush is designed for optimal interdental cleaning, and is sold with a 100-day money-back guarantee. The plant-based heads can also be recycled, made from cornstarch with medium-soft castor oil bristles. Every three months, just send the old heads back freepost and order new ones. The toothbrush has a 40-day battery life and 1 year warranty (and ca be repaired at fair fee outside of warranty (send off, do not repair at home).

suri electric toothbrush

The powerful sonic motor cleans and polishes your teeth, with the 2-minute timer offering feedback every 30 seconds. There is also a magnetic mirror mount that keeps your brush dry and clean, and also saves sink space. Be sure to keep the brush dry. Responsibly-made in china, the brush includes a slimline pebble charger (ready in 4 hours) and an optional carry case (with UV-C light to kill 99% of harmful bacteria).

suri electric toothbrush

a sonic toothbrush (with replaceable heads)

sonic toothbrush

Georganics sonic toothbrush (code AWIN15 for 15% discount) is ideal for people who prefer to use electric toothbrushes, as this one includes replaceable heads sold in cardboard boxes. It offers high-frequency vibrations (50,000 strokes per minute) to remove plaque and prevent tartar build-up.

This brand also makes natural vegan toothpastes (choose unscented for pregnancy/nursing and affected medical conditions). Avoid the gum if you are around pets, as it contains xylitol). 

georganics sonic toothbrush

This quality brush provides a superior clean to prevent gingivitis, bleeding and swollen gums, with 3 stroke speed adjustments to make it ideal for people with foxed braces. Using Dupont 152 bristles, there are 5 brushing modes, a 2-minute auto-timer (with 30 second pause alerts) and up to 5 weeks Lithium-ion battery use, with USB plug. Certified waterproof and CE approved.

When you buy replacement heads, you can send off the old heads freepost to Georganics, under the company’s Zero to Landfill scheme (these are then made into other items through TerraCycle). Just send off a minimum of 5 heads and write Free-post Georganics Oral Care Ltd, and they’ll do the rest.

Some dentists say fluoride is good to strengthen enamel, but holistic dentists say not eating sugar (nor drinking diet sodas) is key to good oral health, and fluoride can cause mottled teeth (swallowing a tiny amount can kill a child).


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