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You can recycle batteries at battery banks, but when time comes to replace, consider switching to a dynamo (wind-up) or solar-powered torch (these recharge in daylight, not just sunshine) and usually have back-up in case of emergencies. They are pretty robust, so good for camping, the garden and outdoor light, or power cuts. Keep away from small children and pets and use under supervision. 

Duronic Hurricane LED Torch is a wind-up torch with a lantern and emergency beacon. Ideal for nipping to the garden shed, venturing into the loft or going camping or hiking in the mountains, use the hanging loop in dark cupboards so you don’t have to hold it. You can also use it to hang inside tent, then convert to a flashlight. Use the USB power cable to charge as back-up, or just wind the handle for a minute or two to generate more power. The charger is enough for an emergency call.

ROCAM lantern is a solar lantern with 12 LEDS and 200 lumens for maximum brightness, plus a USB for back-up power. Winding it up gives at least 30 hours of light, and it collapses down to take up less space. Weather-proof, so works in light rain, sun or snow. Use the standard lantern or flashlight (just click the button to turn it on).

PowerPlus Pocket Flashlight easily attaches to your keys or rucksack, and is slim enough to fit into pockets and handbags. The built-in solar cell converts sun into electricity, which stores automatically using the rechargeable battery, providing white bright light with two LEDs.

PowerPlus Barricuda Torch is a solar-powered rechargeable flashlight that’s waterproof up to 5 metres. One hour of shine is given by just one minut of wind-up. Ideal for camping and festivals. The

Bee Dynamo Torch is a portable version with three strips and a keyring chain to attach to a rucksack, with a wind-up mini flashlight.

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