bamboo cotton buds

Although plastic cotton buds are now increasingly banned (since a viral photo of a seahorse clinging to one in the ocean appeared), most ones sold in chemists are now made with paper (better, but still a waste of trees). And some are still sold in plastic packaging.

Most cosmetics use cocoa butter and zinc or titanium dioxide. It’s really important if you wear make-up not to let pets lick your face until you’ve washed cosmetics off, as these ingredients are unsafe. 

This box of bamboo cotton buds is ideal to replace paper cotton buds (plastic ones are not sold in stores much now, but paper still takes years to grow to harvest the trees). Industrial bamboo is not the same as fresh shoots eaten by pandas.

Don’t use cotton buds to clean inside your ears, this could damage your eardrum or cause ear infection. If you have bad ear wax, see your GP to get them syringed. Keep away from pets and children. 

Cotton buds are meant to be used for removing make-up, cleaning fiddly things like inbetween computer keys and around the gearstick of your car, if you’ve been eating crisps!)

bamboo cotton buds

Jungle Culture are made from bamboo and organic cotton, strong and thick and housed in a rounded kraft paper box. Just remove the lid and leave the swabs in the bathroom, ready for use next time. Ideal for removing eye makeup and makeup from eye corners.

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