ocean plastic pots

Rather than buying new plastic pots, next time you need to replace, consider these eco plant pots made from upcycled materials. Above are Ocean Plastic Pots, made from fishing waste.

Many plants (including ferns, sago palm, Swiss cheese and all bulbs) are toxic to pets  (even brushing a tail past can harm). Avoid facing indoor foliage to gardens, to help stop birds flying into windows.

  1. Happy Houseplants offer pet-safe houseplants, along with a pet-friendly houseplant box. Each plant is also designed to be easy to care for. Note some pets may still be allergic.
  2. Hungry Plants organic houseplant feed contains the perfect NPK formula (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) from sustainably-harvested Irish seaweed, in a slow-release formula. 1 bottle makes 20 litres.
  3. Water your pot plants with Rain Can (made from recycled plastic, this has an easy-fill design and includes a little ladder for creatures to escape!)

plant pots made from recycled ocean plastic

ocean plastic pots

Ocean Plastic Pots produces beautiful plant pots, made from ghost fishing waste recovered from the oceans. The founder is a deep-sea diver who saw first-hand damage caused by ocean plastic, and once worked on a recovery not far from where a dead whale washed up on a Scottish beach, due to plastic ingestion.

herb kits made with upcycled wine bottles

hydro herb kits

These hydro-herb kits are made from upcycled wine bottles, and need no soil. All you need to add is water and a little light. The bottles are cut and ground by hand in Suffolk and the growth solution organic, choose from 9 herbs: mint, basil, thyme, oregano, coriander, tarragon, dill, flat or curly leaf parsley. Again, avoid herbs near pets, as some are toxic.

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