vegan gravy

Everyone likes mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, but there’s no need for meat or palm oil in conventional brands. It’s pretty easy to make your own, like this vegan gravy (School Night Vegan). No more ‘the stuff of nightmares’ for vegans, this recipe is super-tasty!

Keep stocks and gravy away from pets, due to toxic ingredients like salt, onion and garlic. Learn more on food safety for people & pets

This is a pretty traditional recipe. You simply fry onions in palm-oil-free vegan butter, then add in your flour and stock. The secret ingredient is umami soy sauce, to make it super-yummy. No weird ingredients needed!

vegan gravy

Vegan Gravy (Broke Bank Vegan) is made with a roux of vegan butter and all-purpose flour, plus white miso paste, veggie broth, onion, garlic, tamari, salt and pepper.

where to buy good vegan gravy

nine meals from anarchy veg stock

Nine Meals from Anarchy make good vegan stocks made with lots of veggies, sold in glass jars. They are sold in various flavours including vegetable, tomato, spicy, garlic herb or umami.

Steenbergs make nice gravy mixes, in little glass jars. Although they are called ‘chicken and pork etc’ this  is just for how they taste, they are all vegan and organic.

Don’t be fooled by marketing greenwash. The best-selling gravy brands are marketed as ‘traditional and natural’. But in fact, most are just a cheap mix of ingredients and nothing to write home about: palm fat etc. Most are also owned by big multi-national brands (not ‘nostalgic’ at all and nothing to do with the local organic food movement).

how to make your own veggie stock or broth

homemade veggie broth

Stock and gravy cubes are sold in their millions, but it’s pretty easy to make your own, and often from leftover veggies, so zero waste too. This homemade vegetable broth (Heartful Table) is a simple mix of onion, garlic, carrot, celery stick, fresh herbs, peppercorns and optional parsnip, miso and seaweed (not for thyroid issues).

Keep stocks and gravy away from pets, due to toxic ingredients like salt, onion and garlic. Learn more on food safety for people & pets.

homemade veggie bouillon powder

This homemade Bouillon Powder (Shane & Simple) is simple to make to add flavour to soups and stews. Or try his 1-ingredient veggie broth.

where to buy good veggie stock

If you prefer ready-made, 9 Meals from Anarchy makes good veg stocks, founded by three guys in Cheshire who ran an organic veg box scheme, and locals kept asking to recommend a good stock. So they made one instead. This is available in various flavours and packed with veggies.

Why some top chefs recommend the best-selling stock cubes is anyone’s guess, because the ingredients don’t sound up to much. One major brand includes ‘vegetable fat, chicken meat and fat, hydrolysed vegetable protein (if you don’t know what it is, you shouldn’t be eating it), sodium insoinate and guanylate and permitted flavourings (eggs – and what?)

is bone broth good for you?

Not really, this is just another influencer-type myth. It might be nutritious if you’re starving, but otherwise you get all the benefits from plants. Amy at Wallflower Kitchen has created a good ‘vegan bone broth’ and has an excellent article on why her broth is just as good.

Just like beauty gurus selling collagen for skin, we make our own collagen, so don’t need to eat it or put it on our faces from cows. If you want to heal your stomach, eat proper food and include health fats. Her recipe uses shiitake mushrooms (good for inflammation) and wakame seaweed (not for thyroid issues or certain medical conditions) plus turmeric (an anti-inflammatory spice).

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