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It’s really important to pick up dog poop, as it contains a toxin that can be harmful to dogs, wildlife and children (can even cause blindness). This includes older ‘white poop’. Councils can help by offering free poop bags in parks (it’s human nature sometimes to forget). This is cheaper than sending staff to clean up the poop later.

Keep compostable poop bags in a cool dark place, away from pets and children. Bin after use (not good to compost them due to medicines/shampoos in poop, and not legal to sell food made with it).

Planet Underdog (London) create fully compostable bags (not just biodegradable which can take years to break down). There are 900 million dogs on earth who combined do over 2 billion poops a day! So that’s over 3 trillion kilos of carbon dioxide added to our planet, by using plastic poop bags. They are made from cornstarch and cornstarch polymers, that fully decompose without producing toxic residue. Wrapped around paper card rolls, these are big enough for the scariest poops!

Onya Dog Poop Bags (with refills) are certified compostable and each set has 30 bags (2 rolls). Includes an rPET pouch to hold them.

The Green Poop Bag are unscented and strong (made from sugar and cornstarch) and also opaque with a smart print, handy ties, carry handles and easy-to-remove stickers. Sold in cardboard.

Fetch It! make compostable poop bags (with Dicky Bags to hold them). Made in Cornwall from  neoprene (wetsuit material) for a lightweight, soft and waterproof place to stack used bags, clip to your harness, lead or rucksack. The strong seam joint prevents odours.

pooch paper (with doo-doo-resistant coating)

Pooch Paper (US) is a non-chlorine alternative to bags, made with green energy. It features grease-resistant coating to ensure doggie’s doodie remains inside paper, and not on your hand! Each box has a month’s supply. You can also buy a zipped canvas bag to keep 20 sheets, and there’s a pooch paper dispensing station for councils, parks, tenant buildings and animal shelters.

We don’t have an alternative retail product yet in the UK, but councils and shops can buy paper scoop bags wholesale, as an alternative option (good for campsites etc, to prevent plastic waste).

light your park with dog poop!

Park Spark Project (US) is a great idea, to encourage people to pick up the poop. People literally throw the poop inside, use a hand crank and this produces energy to light the park!

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