the impactful vegan

The Impactful Vegan is a very important book, that not only looks at how living a plant-based life can help animals the world over, but the author is also not shy from saying where the vegan world gets it wrong. It says for instance that it’s vital we support for-profit vegan food companies in the corporate world to bring the lifestyle mainstream (as long as items are not full of palm oil and wrapped in plastic). But also that shoving leaflets through people’s doors of abattoirs is not the way to go about things. There is obviously a need for undercover investigations, but traumatising people who are eating a bacon sandwich by showing them harsh realities is not the way.

Keeping positive and offering up alternative possibilities is key. How do we help animals best? Charitable donations or volunteer work? Dining at vegan restaurants? Taking a Meatless Monday? Should we support meat companies that sell vegan products to mainstream eaters (that the small indie companies can’t reach?) Or should we not support them, because their profits may help the meat industry? This book has the answers, to teach you how to audit your impact and follow methods that have been evaluated, to see which do most good. He also covers choosing career choices that align with your values, and how influencers can build brands to promote the vegan lifestyle.

Robert Cheeke is a trusted vegan activist and motivational speaker. He grew up in Oregon (US) and went vegan age 15, weighing just 120 pounds (less than 9 stone). Today he is a natural bodybuilding champion and referred to as ‘the godfather of vegan bodybuilding’. He lives in Colorado with his wife and two rescued Chihuahuas!

If you want it to be, your heart can be your biggest and most powerful muscle in your body. Robert Cheeke

how to thrive as a vegan environmentalist

Vegan Minded is by a woman who after reading a book about the horrid factory-farming industry, wondered how others live vegan in a world that is set up for people who eat meat. She just wants to fit in and belong, but how do you do that when you (secretly) know  that it’s wrong to eat animals (for them, the planet and ethics/health) but don’t want to cause any issues.

Covering diets to dating and climate change to peaceful activism, this book circles the world through a vegan lens, addressing everything from animal protection and environmental ethics to human rights and culture. Find steps you can take to change the world, and quietly leave a legacy of compassion.

Allowed to Grow Old is a lovely compilation of photographs of animals rescued from the meat industry. Most farm animals are usually slaughtered before their 1st birthday, and often we have no idea what they would look like, if they grew to their natural age. Isa Leshko shows us here, spending hours with her new friends as she gained their trust and put them at ease, before taking wonderful images of fortunate animals who are allowed to age on their own terms. Each portrait includes a brief biographical note – from Teresa (a 13-year old Yorkshire pig) to Melvin (an 11-year old Angora goat) and Tom (a 7-year old white turkey).

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