turtle cereals

Fed up of only having the choice of the usual big-brand breakfast cereals? Fancy trying something different, but not yet ready for organic weetabix? Ask your indie store to stock one of these brands instead, or even local supermarkets. Keep these cereals away from young children and pets, due to ingredients like nuts and chocolate.

Turtle breakfast cereals from Belgium

Turtle breakfast cereal (Belgium) is organic organic (some items are gluten-free) and uses locally-sourced ingredients that give good working conditions to farmers. Ask your indie health shop to stock it or buy online.

The founders (a German man and his Belgian wife) love good food, and were unable to find good organic breakfast cereals to feed their family. The name ‘turtle’ was due to her need to slow down on maternity leave, inspired by the tale of The Tortoise & The Hare’. They realised this is the same for breakfast cereals – high-sugar fast snacks are no good, we need slow-releasing snacks to keep going through the day and win the race! So the cereals are made with wholegrain ingredients, not like Frosties!

Packaging is tricky for breakfast cereals, because obviously you have to keep the product fresh. So they use easy-to-recycle plastic packaging for the inner sleeve (recycle at supermarket bag bins), then boxes are made from recycled fibre and if buying online, they ship with bio bibbles that decompose in contact with water.

  1. Colour loops (coloured with berries etc)
  2. Date, fig & apricot porridge
  3. Carrot cake porridge
  4. Chocolate banana porridge
  5. Multigrain flakes (also with chocolate)
  6. Dark chocolate cornflakes
  7. Apple cinnamon granola
  8. Walnut chocolate granola
  9. Cocoa crispies or pillows

granola (that tastes like dessert)

Cheeky Nibble is a wonderful brand of vegan granolas, a bit expensive but that’s because they are artisan-made, allergen-friendly, free from palm oil and sold in sustainable packaging. They also taste like dessert, so it’s like eating healthy cake for breakfast, and are absolutely delicious.

The founder created the brand as she has autism and Tourettes Syndrome and found that baking helped her anxiety. She also finds exercise helpful, so she combined her two passions to bake granolas that were chunky enough to take with her to the gym, yet had nostalgic flavours.

The granola is sold in boxes that are carbon-balanced with World Land’s Trust, so you can eat your breakfast with a clear conscience. The flavours include:

  1. Cherry Bakewell
  2. Victoria sponge
  3. Banoffee Pie
  4. Vanilla latte

Jane’s healthy grains from Wiltshire

Jane’s Grains offers a unique cereal using the finest natural ingredients that are ground, soaked, toasted and baked to bring to life the incredible flavours. Use these as toppings for plant-based yoghurt or ice-cream or just serve with fruit and a splash of milk. The range includes apple cinnamon, coconut and raw chocolate.

make your own vegan breakfast cereals

This is the obvious answer, if you don’t mind a bit of prep work and invest in some good storage. Salted Caramel Granola (Crowded Kitchen) is gluten-free, and nice served with plant milk and berries, or just enjoy on its own. Also read how to make a bowl of porridge.

Before cooking, read up on food safety for people & pets (many human foods are unsafe around animal friends).

Homemade cinnamon cereals (Full of Plants) is like a cinnamon cookie in a bowl, quite ginger-bread-tasting, and made with brown sugar and cinnamon.

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