Sienna nail polish

Most nail polish is made from a cocktail of chemicals (similar to most household paint). Some brands use carmine (dead red insects) for pink and red colours. You can’t have a 100% natural nail polish (or it would not stick). But here are better brands. Let your nails go free from polish now and then, to let nails dry out. All nail polish is flammable, so keep away from naked flames.

Sienna (Australia) is sold online here (it’s made in France). It uses green energy to produce 50 colours made with sugar cane, cassava, cotton and corn (the polish remover contains horsetail plant extract) The timber tops can be composted (glass bottles are recycled). In Australia, customers can send back brushes for recycling. The range is Wudu-friendly (suitable for people of Muslim faith).

nailkind polish

Nailkind is a vegan Halal-compliant brand founded in Denmark by a cancer survivor and beauty expert friend. Made with sugar cane, corn and maze, these are in beautiful hues from nude to party time!

zao nail polish

Zao offers nail polishes in glass bottles with bamboo lids. Made with silica from bamboo oil, they are free from the 10 known toxicants found in most nail polish, instead using potatoes, corn, wheat and cassava.

earthy nail polish

Earthy Nail Polish offers plant-based polish made with cassava, corn and sugar cane and patented with magnesium and calcium to help improve nail condition. The tops are made from bamboo and you can return them to clean and reuse. Everything is vegan and they don’t sell in regions that require animal testing.

natural nail polish removers 

Fresh Therapies and Zao both offer nail polish removers that are free of acetate (a strong solvent that can dry out cuticles). Instead of wasteful cotton wool, use with reusable polish remover pads. Made from bamboo, these are handmade in Wales.

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