silicon straws

This set of multi-coloured silicone straws (The Netherlands) includes a cup guide to help you cut to size for whisky glasses, short tumblers, cocktail glasses or children’s drinks. Dishwasher-safe and sold with a cotton bag. Silicone straws look and feel like plastic straws (silicone does use fossil fuels with sand to make, but these straws are food-safe, last years and are easy to recycle.

silicon straws

Don’t use metal straws when on the move, nor for children or disabilities (one woman died when a metal straw in a mason jar impaled her eye, and caused brain injury). 

The size and shape of straws means they miss ‘catching systems’ so end up in the sea, where they either puncture soft-bellied creatures or get eaten by filter feeders. Straw waste accounts for 10% of all ocean plastic (one clean-up on US shorelines found 7.5 million plastic straws alone).

The UK straw ban came into affect after this viral video of a turtle having a plastic straw removed from its nostril. Get remaining straws (and plastic cups) out of your town forever by ordering a community recycling box from Terracycle or ReFactory.

Jungle Culture’s beautiful bamboo straws

jungle culture bamboo straws

Jungle Culture bamboo straws are sold in a set of 6, in a hessian carry case. Handmade by a small artisan family farm in rural Vietnam, these straws are strong and durable, and dishwasher-safe. The set includes a cleaning guide and eco craft box. The straws are suitable for juice, soda and cocktails, with extra-wide straws for smoothies and mylkshakes.

eco-friendly straws (made from pasta!)

stroodles pasta straws

Stroodles Pasta Straws last around an hour (not for hot drinks, as they would go soggy. Made in Italy, they can be composted after use, or just cook and eat them! Not for gluten allergies (or children/swallowing difficulties).

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