love the planet cosmetics

Rather than use cosmetics made with inorganic talc in plastic pots (and makeup brushes with animal fur), these brands are all zero waste and vegan (no dead beetles in red/pink colours) nor nor beeswax.

As most cosmetics contain cocoa butter and zinc/titanium dioxide, don’t let pets lick your face until you’ve washed them off, as these ingredients are unsafe to animal friends.

Love the Planet (Scotland) offers a lovely range of sustainable vegan makeup, mostly sold in metal pots, then order refills in compostable pouches. The range includes mineral foundations, concealers, powders, blush and eyeshadow. Everything is sustainably-sourced you can also buy vegan make-up brushes.

Honeypie Minerals was founded in Essex by a woman who had acne from conventional make-up. Sustainably-sourced vegan minerals are used in zero-waste packs with compostable refills. Sample kits are sold with organic drawstring bags. Everything is made with green energy, and trees are planted for each order.

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics offers items in cardboard shakers, or refillable pots made from fishing waste (collected from Cornish oceans). Thecompany also makes nice vegan makeup brushes. The sifters use minimal plastic and are easy to decanter powder, and the lid fits flush for travel. Choose from foundations, powders and tints, made with vitamin E, jojoba oil and lavender .

zero-waste cosmetics from abroad 

river organics cosmetics

River Organics (North Carolina – enter coupon code englandnaturally for 15% discount) is a zero waste brand founded by art historian Corinne and her late husband Fabien, a French chemist who worked with Chanel. These cosmetics are sold in compostable packaging with sugar-cane labels, shipped in eco-enclose envelopes. Blush sticks go on as cream and turn to powder, sold in cardboard tubes. There are also lip stains in cardboard tubes and mascara made with coconut oil and Rhassoul clay.

Axiology is a plastic-free lipstick company, with all boxes made from island trash, providing income to women on the island of Bali. The multi-sticks for lips, cheeks and eyes are packed with nourishing oils and butters. If you have oily skin, use the Balmies instead with sunflower wax and kokum butter.

Izzy is the world’s first zero-waste mascara, sold in a metal tube in recycled packaging. It has a slight floral scent (due to lash-conditioning jasmine wax.. Users send back the tubes after 90 days to get them refills.

organic cotton makeup remover pads

organic cotton makeup remover pads

Disposable facial wipes make up around 93% of sewer blockages, as people wrongly flush them down the loo. Sewage blockages also cause garden floods (including neighbours). These organic cotton makeup remover pads are made from organic cotton and bamboo, and can be washed after use. Sent in plastic-free packaging, use with the optional storage bag (to stop them getting lost in the machine) or this this terracotta storage pot.

terracotta storage pot

Jungle Culture reusable makeup remover pads are also made from bamboo and organic cotton.

The Makeup Eraser Bar is made with pink tapioca pearls to stimulate facial blood flow. Wrapped in vegan wax paper, just massage onto skin, remove with warm water and a face cloth.

an inventive zero-waste make-up tool

sustainable makeup tool kit

This sustainable make-up tool kit is designed to replace thousands of single-use swabs, with three tools to remove make-up, separate lashes and feather brows. Includes a large mirror and a case made from recycled plastic.

The soft swab tips are made from medical-grade TPE and they are easy to clean. The kit takes up minimal space and then stored in the case to prolong life. You break even on carbon emissions after just 32 uses (that’s just a month, if you wear make-up like Dolly Parton!)

sbtrct makeup melt

Sbtrct Makeup Melt is a zero waste cleansing bar that is an alternative to cleansers in plastic bottles. Vegan and free from palm oil, it uses coconut surfactant (with plant-based squalane, shea butter and glycerine) to melt away make-up (incuding waterproof mascara). Avoid shea butter for latex allergies.

To use, warm the bar between your hands then massage over a dry face and neck, sweeping over closed eyes to lift make-up from skin and lashes. Add a little warm water to emulfisy into a milk cleanser. Dampen a cloth and wipe off with gentle strokes, leaving skin ready to cleanse.

sbtrct makeup melt

The bar is dermatologically-approved and used daily, will last 10 to 12 weeks (twice that of a plastic bottle of cleanser). It uses a small concentration of natural preservative to combat yeast, bacteria and mould. Store the bar inbetween uses in the accompanying diatomite reusable dish to stop it going soggy, then just buy refills. Save up to 20% on subscriptions. At end of use, just compost the carton and paper wrap and it will biodegrade in 90 days. If you don’t have a compost bin, just recycle (no need to rinse).

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