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Choose a few quality skincare items made with plant-based biodegradable ingredients (not ‘parfum’) and avoid collagen (cow bones), hyaluronic acid (most from ‘rooster combing’) and squalane (unless plant-based – most is sourced by killing sharks). Also avoid plastic packaging.

Never exfoliate open cuts/wounds, sunburn or cold sores. Choose unscented products for pregnancy/nursing and affected medical conditions. Keep items away from babies/pets (due to essential oils, cocoa butter, coffee, zinc/titanium oxide etc). 

solid vegan skincare in sustainable packaging

Sbtrct moisture balm

SBTRCT is a beauty brand founded by a former executive with Bulldog Skincare who is passionate about cleaning up an industry that uses 120 billion units of packaging each year (most creams/lotions are up to 85% water that just evaporate on your skin). The small range includes fragrance-free options  and everything is in solid form (even creams) with no palm oil. The range includes:

Fragrance-free foaming cleanser has a PH of 6.1 and is formulated with bisabobol (related to chamomile) and ginger to reduce irritation and inflammation. Geranium, rose & tonka bean cleanser is a light refreshing coconut-based cleanser to leave skin clean, without feeling tight.

Make-up melt contains plant-based squalane and glycerin along with shea butter to remove waterproof masara, using a coconut-based surfactant.

Geranium rose & tonka bean face cream is ideal to maintain moisture balance, and help promote skin firmness and elasticity. Rejuvenating retinoid night balm is the world’s first solid retinoid cream, made with plant-based squalane. Rosehip & sea buckthorn vitamin C booster can even skin tone and hydrate.

Rice powder & white willow bark exfoliator uses a gentler alternative to salicylic acid to gently lift dead skin cells, and decongest pores.

The products use a small concentration of a natural preservative to combat yeast, bacteria and moulds (if bars become wet) and they are also good for travel (wrap in a dry face towel). Each bar lasts twice the time of a plastic bottle (10 to 12 weeks on average, or 4 to 6 weeks for night balm and vitamin C booster). When items are finished, domestically compost the film wrap and tamper-seal label.

botanical skincare in plastic-free pots

Whitfords skincare

Whitfords makes skincare with botanical ingredients, sold in aluminium containers (with a tiny coating that burns immediately when recycled). Founded by an Argentinian environmental artist, everything is made in-house with green energy, made with by-waste ingredients (strawberry seed oil) or lab-grown micro-algae and naturally preserved.  The range includes:

Fruit AHA Exfoliating Mask contains nourishing oils, salicylic acid (willow bark) and alpha hydroxy acids (fruit), using castor beads for a gentle polish. The stainless steel spatula’s boomerang shape dispenses products with ease.

Red algae cleanser can remove sunscreen and waterproof makeup, and contains exfoliating pineapple enzymes, soothing bisabolol (related to chamomile) and protective tocopherol vitamin E. Naturally scented with plum oil (similar to almond/marzipan aroma).

Triple algae-glow restoring oil contains liquorice root and zero-waste strawberry seed oil (no added fragrance or restoring oil).

Hemp & algae face cream absorbs fast and is packed with ingredients to address sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves a matte finish.

Papaya & bakuchiol gel serum is a plant-based alternative to retinol to address sun-damaged and wrinkled skin, made with papaya enzymes from upcycled fruit pulp and cold-pressed omega-rich oils of acai, moringa and baobab. Use as a rinse-off mask or leave-on treatment.

Fruit & seeds eye cream is suitable for day or night use, creating a lifting effect due to pomegranate carbohydrates, and helps to tackle puffy eyes, fine lines and discoloration. Contains no added fragrance or essential oils.

16-oil replenisher is a blend of organic oils that absorb immediately: watermelon, jojoba, buriti, marula, moringa, argan, rice bran, olive, squalane, sweet almond, apricot kernel, baobab, pumpkin seed, sunflower, acai berry, juniper berry and grapefruit. The gender-neutral scent is a blend of juniper and grapefruit.

natural soaps & creams for sensitive skin

Coraline skincare saving grace body balm

Coraline Skincare was founded by a couple after their homemade recipes (he spent 15 years as a top chef) to heal the sensitive skin of their baby daughter (born with Down Syndrome) led them to realise they could help others. Everything is handmade in small batches using organic or wild-harvested ingredients. Soaps are free from palm oil and sold in recycled cardboard packaging, and the beauty balm pots are compostable (made  wiht sustainable woodchips, and labels printed with eco ink). No ingredients are air-freighted. The range includes:

Botanical soaps. Calming chamomile and nettle calendula are fragrance-free so suitable for pregnancy/nursing, medical conditions and children from 3 months. The scented range includes rose, lavender, mint and cinnamon oat almond exfoliating soap. The Douglas Fir soap rack (handmade in Norfolk) stops soap bars sitting in a pile of water.

Luminous lavender cleansing balm is made with natural plant oils, butters, botanicals and minerals. Ideal to remove make-up and sunscreen, this gently cleanses, leaving skin soothed and hydrated. Suitable for dry itchy skin, apply to face and neck, the remove with a soaked warm cloth (avoid eye area).

Immortelle radiance facial balm uses a blend of rosehip, mango seed and collagen-boosting amaranth oil, scented with immortelle essential oil (smells like floral honey). Ideal to help reduce appearance of fine lines, it’s free from chemical preservatives. Do a patch test, as immortelle oil contains natural allergens which some people can occasionally react to. 

Saving Grace organic body balm is ideal for eczema patches, made with apricot and tamanu oil and rich shea butter. Free from essential oils (it has a sugar/light spice natural aroma), it’s also good to calm nappy rash, help prevent stretch marks and reduce/prevent scars.

plastic-free (vegan) skincare from France

balade en Provence solid face cleanser

Balade en Provence offers all-vegan solid skincare, free from palm oil and in sustainable packaging. The solid face cleanser contains French green clay, soothing aloe vera and skin-friendly rosehip oil. The cleanser is sold alongside a make-up remover bar with jojoba oil and white lily flower. The company also make nice solid day and night creams, serums and face creams for men.

zero waste micellar waters from Bristol

Bristolmade organic rose geranium micellar water

Micellar waters are made from surfactants, so attract water and oil to form ‘micelles’ that cleanse and moisturise skin. Bristolmade is a sustainable  brand sold in glass jars, made with base and essential oils and a little witchhazsel, instead of chemicals used in major brands. Sold in glass jars.

Choose a few quality skincare items made with plant-based biodegradable ingredients (not ‘parfum’) and avoid collagen (cow bones), hyaluronic acid (most from ‘rooster combing’) and squalane (unless plant-based – most is sourced by killing sharks). Also avoid plastic packaging.

compostable clay beauty face masks

rose beetroot clay face mask

Clay masks are good to draw out impurities. Just mix with water, apply to clean skin, leave for 5 to 10 minutes and wash off. When choosing face masks, go for green clay (oily skin), pink clay (dry skin) or charcoal (congested skin). Avoid ‘sheet masks’ (so full of chemicals, they are banned in some shops abroad).

Battle Green’s facial masks are made from natural ingredients, and sold in compostable packaging (each sachet has enough for 5 to 8 applications). They contain kaolin clay to draw out impurities, bentonite clay to absorb oil and arrowroot powder to soften skin.  Just mix with water, apply to clean skin, leave for 5 to 10 minutes and wash off.

Choose unscented beauty products for pregnancy/nursing and affected medical conditions. Keep all items away from babies and pets (due to essential oils, cocoa butter, coffee, zinc/titanium oxide etc).

Choose from:

Seize the Clay is made with purifying French red clay, kaolin clay and kelp. Mix 1 heaped tablespoon of mask powder with 2 to 3 tablespoons of lukewarm water, apply to face and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse off.


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