Pork is one of the world’s widely-eaten meats (especially in China, where most is eaten). But of course pork comes from pigs – wonderful creatures who are intelligent, funny and kind (they sing to their piglets!) and also very clean animals (the mud is due to keeping cool, as pigs have no sweat glands). Also read how to make or buy good vegan sausages.

Recycle packaging at supermarket bag bins. Keep faux meats away from pets as they smell/taste/look like meat, but contain unsafe ingredients like onion, mushrooms etc. Read more on food safety for people & pets.

OmniPork is the world’s most popular faux pork, with many Chinese people swapping supermarkets to find it! You can buy it in stores worldwide as mince or strips or ‘vegan Spam luncheon meat’. Made with soy and pea protein, it’s sold at London’s Unity Diner.

Eat Planted BBQ Pork is made from pea, sunflower and oat proteins. The smoky marinade means this pork will take your tacos and burgers to the next level. Planted pork needs 81% less Co2 and 43% less water than pork, and is kind to animals! The company also makes ‘vegan duck’.

mini vegan pork pies

Quorn Mini Vegan Pork Pies are ideal little snacks made with ready-made vegan pork sausages, serve with piccalilly. Make them with homemade pastry (to avoid palm oil). Keep fresh dough away from pets.

how to make your own vegan pork

vegan roast pork recipe

These recipes are pretty complicated but perhaps something that ambitious cooks or professional chefs may wish to try. Try this recipe from France for vegan roast pork (Full of Plants). Or try a recipe for vegan pork chops.

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