vegan BBQ

BBQ food is very popular, but there’s no need to add meat to the menu. There are plenty of options for vegans, beyond baked potatoes and corn-on-the-cob! Here are some of the best books on the market.

Follow BBQ safety advice. Before cooking, read up on food safety for people & pets (many foods are unsafe near animal friends). 

Vegan BBQ is the ultimate guide for 70 simple summer recipes, plus delicious sides, dips and snacks to brighten up any alfresco event. Learn how to get the most out of your ingredients, how to host the perfect plant-based barbecue with friends and what kit you need (with tips on small barbecue set-ups for balconies or bijou gardens). Recipes include:

  1. Buttered hasselback squash
  2. Sizzling fajitas
  3. Brown sugar baked beans
  4. BBQ patatas bravas
  5. Kiwi & avocado salsa

vegan barbecue

Vegan Barbecue teaches you how to slow-smoke veggies, fruits and vegan cheeses and meats in a beautifully photographed book, filled with flavour and spice. Infusing flavour into tofu and tempeh, discover rich depths of rustic flavour that you won’t get from a stovetop skillet or steamer. Author Terry has perfected the art of vegan BBQ at his renowned Grass Vegan BBQ Joint outside Atlantia, Georgia. Enjoy dishes for:

  1. Smoked pineapple salsa
  2. Glazed smoked asparagus
  3. Smoked creamy pumpkin soup
  4. Smoked mushroom carnita tacos
  5. Smoky ratatouille
  6. Smoke-roasted faux turkey

vegan mob

Vegan Mob is a book of over 80 recipes for ‘fast food’ from the cult favourite Oakland BBQ joint Vegan Mob. Chef Toriano Gordon grew up sharing soul food with family and friends, and after becoming vegan for health reasons, spent hours recreating nostalgic childhood flavours. His innovative dishes have become the backbone of this Bay Area original that draws in vegans and carnivores alike. In this book he shares recipes from his kitchen and the restaurant.

  1. Brisket
  2. Smackaroni
  3. Mobba ‘Q’ baked beans
  4. La La Lumpia
  5. Mafia Mobsta garlic noodles
  6. Mob lasagna
  7. Mob taco bowls

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