sugar taco at home

Mexican food is some of the most popular in the world, but can be heavy in meat and dairy. Here are some wonderful plant-based recipe books to enjoy with your vegan Margarita! Note tequila does not usually have a ‘worm in the bottle’ but its cousin mezcal may do, so ditch the latter, and sip the former!

Sugar Taco at Home offers recipes from an LA restaurant and women-owned business, ditching meat and dairy for juicy jackfruit, perfectly-seasoned seitan, house-made queso and more, with an on-trend meny with vibrant Dia de Muertos-inspired decor. The two restaurants are thriving.

Never eat rice after 24 hours (a good poison hazard). Read more on food safety for people & pets (many foods are unsafe near animal friends). 

Recipes include:

  1. Sugar Taco Carne Asada
  2. Meaty mushroom enchilades verdes
  3. Tofu chilaquiles
  4. Tres leches cake

Sugar Taco is one of four favourite vegan restaurants of all time. With this cookbook, you’ll finally be able to recreate all their famous dishes at home. Kim-Julie Hansen

Jayde Nicole is a plant-based entrepreneur. Nia Gatica Campos is a self-taught vegan chef. Alan Campos is a first generation Mexican-American chef.

other good vegan Mexican recipe books

la vida verde

La Vida Verde is by a Mexican-American caterer in LA. Amaze your tastebuds with 60 recipes including:

  1. Queso Fresco (fresh cheese)
  2. Árbol chiles with tomatillo
  3. Handmade tortillas
  4. Tortilla soup with cream
  5. Mushrooms in green mole


Provecho offers authentic recipes by a man who grew up in Oakland (California) as a proud first-generation Mexican American who spent countless hours cooking alongside his female relatives, with recipes passed down through written notes. He then recreated these recipes that also include Salvadoran and Colombian influences:

  1. Slow-simmered soups & stews
  2. Empanadas, tamales, quesadillos, tacos
  3. Cinnamon pancakes & breakfast burritos
  4. Salsas, salads, cevhiches
  5. Spicy tamarind juice

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