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Spanish food is very popular in England, a melting pot of cultural cuisines. But rather than always eat out (too expensive) or buy plastic-wrapped ready meals, why not just learn to make your favourite meals?

Never eat rice after 24 hours. Keep recipes away from young children and pets due to onion, garlic and spices. Read more on food safety for people & pets (many foods are unsafe near animal friends). 

Spanish food is quite different from Italian food in that it’s a lot more spicy, so bear in mind! Geography and climate has had a big influence on Spanish cuisine and like Italian food, it’s very regional, and shaped by a complex history where invasions and war have modified traditions and ingredients.

Alba’s Journal chronicles a young girl’s enchanting visits to her grandparents’ organic fruit and vegetable farm in rural Granada. Written by a passionate cook who lives in Spain, the monthly journal entries explore the life cycle of seasonal food from seed to table. Includes 35 of her grandmother’s vegan recipes, plus tips on reducing food waste, organic growing and regenerative farming.

If growing your own food, learn how to make gardens safe for pets (includes indoor plants to avoid). Avoid facing indoor foliage to gardens, to help stop birds flying into windows.

recipes from a professional Spanish chef

marinated vegan anchovies

Vegan Recipes from Spain is a nice book that is the first to focus on plant-based recipes from Spain. The author brings a fresh country cuisine to our tables with all the classics, plus new fresh dishes including:

  1. Marinated vegan anchovies
  2. Green beans in tomato sauce
  3. Gazpacho (cold tomato soup)
  4. Mushrooms with sherry
  5. Stuffed piquillo peppers
  6. Crispy vegetables with orange aioli
  7. Paella (of course!)
  8. Tortilla & tapas
  9. Coconut & almond creme caramel

Get inspired and try a few recipes then eat with family or friends with a glass of wine, and enjoy a balmy breeze on summer evenings. These dishes are perfect for sharing. Author Gonzalo Baró was born in Madrid and studied photography at university before becoming a chef. He currently works at a boutique hotel in Berlin, Germany (where his recipes enchant the guests).

a book of vegan burgers by a Spanish chef

mouthwatering vegan burgers

Mouthwatering Vegan Burgers is a book by Spanish chef Toni Rodriguez. There are recipes for buns and sides and sauces, plus learn how to make:

  1. Vegan chorizo burger
  2. Black olive burger
  3. Quinia, lentil & dill burger
  4. Rosemary burger buns
  5. Sweet potato fries
  6. Roasted artichokes

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