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These recipe books are super-simple, so won’t get left on the shelf. They feature just a few ingredients and have simple instructions, and use ingredients that you can find affordably in any store.

Before cooking, read up on food safety for people & pets (many human foods are unsafe around animal friends).

All Day Vegan is a unique book of really easy recipes, if you’re fed of complex books that tell you to find another page to find a recipe to find one of the ingredients, you know the kind of thing! This book by a popular YouTuber offers truly simple recipes. If you’ve just bought a chunk of artisan vegan cheese but don’t know what to do with it, or even if you’re quite the cook but don’t know where to start with plant-based cuisine, this is the book for you. Recipes include:

  1. Strawberry cheesecake mousse
  2. Mini’s muesli guide (a no-recipe recipe!)
  3. Artichoke tortilla pizza

The book features step-by-step recipes straight from Mina’s own YouTube channel, with colourful photos of each recipe, kitchen staples and cooking tips, plus Mina’s no-nonsense digestible voice. Gone are the overly complex recipe your eyes glazed over in other books. Here you’ll find all you need to start cooking vegan – today!

Mina Rome has captured YouTube with her quick easy recipes (she has over half a million followers), detailed camera work an focus on plant-based ingredients. Her recipes capture all aspects of cooking including breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinners and desserts. She lives in Germany.

Max La Manna’s zero-waste cookbook

you can cook this Max La Manna

You Can Cook This! is by cooking star Max La Manna (like the new fresh vegan low-waste Jamie Oliver). Raised in Connecticut, he now lives in the English countryside and offers recipes, gleaned from asking his tens of thousands of social followers the foods they threw away the most. These 135 no-fuss recipes include:

  • Crispy smashed potatoes with spicy lemon mayo
  • Cauliflower ragu
  • Tofu butter ‘chicken’
  • Stems & herbs pesto pasta
  • Coffee ground pancakes
  • Triple chocolate birthday cake

Max LaManna grew up in his father’s restaurants in the USA, but now lives in England, where he is increasingly popular as a zero-waste and plant-based chefs. Someone give that boy his own TV show!

Caitlin’s super-simple vegan recipe book

Simply Delicious Vegan is a wonderful book packed with easy simple recipes that fit into real life. The recipes are free from gluten, oil and refined sugar and prove that good food does not have to be expensive, complicated or boring. Recipes include:

  1. Morning glory muffins
  2. Green curry soup with courgette noodles
  3. Cheesy battered courgette fries
  4. No-bake cosmic brownies

Michaela’s super-simple recipe book

simple delicious vegan

Simple and Delicious Vegan Recipes is for our money, one of the best plant-based cookbooks out there. The title may not be unique and the photography is not ‘coffee-table’ style, but the recipes are truly simple, the recipes work, they use everyday affordable ingredients

Only a few recipes contain nuts, soy or corn and substitutions are always provided. The book keeps things simple by providing metric and imperial measurements (cups, ounces and grams) and there are not just photos of the finished recipes, but of the ingredients, so you see what to buy to get you cooking and eating faster.

Ela’s recipe blog does the same. View her 4-ingredient thick banana milkshake recipe to see how much simpler it is to cook, when someone makes the time and effort to create visual ingredient lists. It really does make you want to whizz one up immediately, rather than go to the fast food restaurant. This could well be the woman to ‘turn the world vegan!’ The book features hearty recipes including:

  1. Macaroni salad
  2. Raspberry muffins
  3. Banana baked oatmeal
  4. Hearty lentil stew
  5. Mushroom stroganoff
  6. Gluten-free pizza crust
  7. Potato flatbreads

Desserts include:

  1. Raspberry muffins
  2. Courgette brownies
  3. Coffee chocolate pudding

Michaela Vais went vegetarian age 6 through love of animals. In 2011 she turned vegan and cured her severe adult cystic acne in 2 weeks! Her new lifestyle also gave her energy and connected with the earth in a new way. After posting recipes in Instagram captions, people asked for a food blog and it’s now one of the most successful recipe blogs (with over 1.2 million Instagram followers). She lives in Costa Rica.

Katy’s book of easy speedy vegan recipes

easy speedy vegan

Easy Speedy Vegan is a wonderful book of simple, no-nonsense tasty meals, which are quick to cook and use readily-available ingredients that you can find in any store. An ideal way for anyone (even non-cooks) to whip up something tasty for dinner. There is information on common substitutions plus recipes for however much time you have – 10, 20 or 30 minutes. This is a cookbook that won’t get left on the shelf gathering dust! Recipes include:

  1. Breakfast banana split
  2. Chickpea, carrot & olive salad
  3. Hot & sour broth with tofu
  4. Roasted tomatoes on toast
  5. Tuscan beans with sage
  6. Spicy potato & pea wraps
  7. Aubergine & lentil curry
  8. Allotment tart!

Katy Beskow learned to cook while living in London training in physiotherapy, inspired by colourful fruit markets. Returning to rural Yorkshire, she cooks from a small (yet perfectly functioning) kitchen and is the author of several best-selling vegan cookbooks. Also read her book Thrifty Vegan. This book offers 15-minute meals and money-saving tips, so anyone on any budget can make something nice for tea!

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