Suma organic soups

Keeping affordable tinned vegan meals on hand, means you can stock up your cupboards then whenever you get the lunchtime munchies, just open a can, heat up in a pan and enjoy with bread for a quick nutritious meal.

Read up on food safety for people & pets (many human foods are unsafe around animal friends). Never feed stale bread/croutons or buttered leftovers to garden birds or wildfowl (fat can smear on feathers, affecting waterproofing and insulation. Salt is also toxic to wildlife.

SUMA is a UK health food wholesaler, and their own-brand products can be found throughout most indie health stores and in some farm shops and supermarkets or buy in bulk online. Check out their amazing tinned ready-meals. They tick all the boxes. They are affordable, plant-based, packed with protein, delicious, have no palm oil (the stew dumpling can does) and in zero-waste tins. What’s not to love?

  1. Baked beans with Lincolnshire sausages feature mini-sausages in tomato sauce with herbs and spices. Try on toast or jacket potatoes.
  2. Organic ravioli in tomato sauce (no protein in this one but packed with veggies). Try with garlic bread.
  3. Chorizo-style stew (ideal if you like very spicy food, this is a Spanish-inspired sausage with peppers and chickpeas).
  4. Vegan Mac n Cheese (again no protein, but one judge says this is good, you have to put your fork down to remember this is tinned!)
  5. Meatball chilli (a warmly spiced meal with soya) and vegan meatballs
  6. Vegan spaghetti bolognese (ideal for an instant snack, this blends soy mince and pasta with a rich tomato onion herb sauce).
  7. Vegan pea & ham soup (the ultimate classic, but plant-based). There are also many other soups including organic pea soup, minestrone and tomato (way more tomatoes than you-know-who!)

We Can Foods offers a nice line of plant-based meals in tins. Just heat and eat. The range  (the savoury versions have better reviews than the tinned desserts) includes:

  1. Bolognese (meat-free mince in tomato sauce)
  2. Carbonara (coconut cream with vegan ham & cheese)
  3. Thai red or green curry (meat-free chicken in chilli coconut sauce)
  4. Madras curry (meat-free chicken in tomato coconut sauce)
  5. Korma or tikka curry (made with meat-free chicken)
  6. Mexican chilli (meat-free mince & kidney beans in tomato)
  7. Szechuan curry (a Chinese curry with meat-free chicken)

Hodmedod’s Vaal Dhal is inspired by the cuisine of northern India, but uses British-grown fava beans for a wonderful instant curry.

Heinz’s plant-based cream-of-tomato soup

Heinz plant-based

After many years of waiting, Heinz has finally released a plant-based cream-of-tomato soup. Everyone who tries it, says it tastes exactly the same, and was worth the wait! Sold in all good grocery stores, also pick up a can or two of their cans of baked beans with vegan sausages!

Heinz launch (vegan) cream of tomato soup!

Heinz plant-based

Although the big food brands are usually down to marketing over ingredient quality, it is a fact that many people won’t buy soup or beans, unless it’s by mega-brand Heinz.

Having said that, there’s nothing really wrong with a can of beans, although you may prefer not to support companies that also fund the meat industry by selling beans with pork sausages. Or you may go the other way – and wish to support the company, now it’s launched a vegan sausages in beans version, along with a tastes-just-the-same plant-based ‘cream of tomato soup.

garlicky tomato soup with beans

Super Garlicky Soup with White Beans (Minimalist Baker) is a unique recipe that packs in hidden protein (beans) and adds a can of coconut milk, to make it a ‘cream of tomato soup’. Serve with a vegan grilled cheese sandwich, for a tasty and nutritious lunch.


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