the museum of odd body leftovers

There are many parts of yourself that you can recycle:

  1. Blood
  2. Breast milk
  3. Body donation!
  4. Your hair (make wigs for children)

Did you know that boffins are now creating DNA-identical rhino horns made from donated human toenails?! This sounds daft, but it’s possibly going to stop rhinos going extinct. Because idiots who pay thousands of dollars for horn are not going to do it, if the market is flooded horns made from toenails!

The Museum of Odd Body Leftovers looks at leftover body parts that still hang around like wisdom teeth, goosebumps and hiccups! This illustrated tour is the perfect book to engage children in science and evolution. Tour guides Wisdom Tooth and Disappearing Kidney lead readers through a whacky museum to find body parts that were essential to our ancestors but are no longer useful to us (appendix?) though they are still hanging around.

Each room in the museum shows us that these parts have stories to tell us about our past. By the time we make it to the gift shop, we’ll see that evolution is not just messy and imperfect, but also ongoing. Engaging and hilarious, and a visual treat.

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