the wit and wisdom of David Attenborough

98-year old Sir David Attenborough is England’s national treasure, and when he does one day leave our beautiful planet, he leaves behind one of the world’s biggest legacies, on caring for the natural world. Not only has he instilled a real love of nature and wildlife in nearly everyone on earth, but his programs to recently highlight plastic pollution is the very reason why nearly every ‘shop’ website on earth now has a ‘sustainability page’, as people increasingly ask how items are packaged. He has done more to help the planet than any politician.

Born in London, Sir David was actually raised on campus at Leicester University (his father was the Principal), which is where his love of learning stemmed from. He has always lived simply (he sends letters over emails and never learned to drive), and has a degree in natural sciences (and also studied geology and zoology at Cambridge University).

Happily married for 50 years until his wife tragically died age 70, he writes that with his ‘anchor gone’ he was lost at sea, and returned to working on nature programs, to cope with the grief. Their two children both work to help the natural world, an enduring personal legacy.

Don’t waste electricity. Don’t waste paper. Don’t waste food. Live the way you want to live, but just don’t waste. Look after the natural world and the animals and plants in it too. This is their planet, as well as ours. Sir David Attenborough

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