a year in the Calder valley

A Year in the Calder Valley is a book that spends a year observing the glorious countryside of West Yorkshire – a dramatic and often steep-sided landscape that’s home to birds, animals, trees and wildflowers. Together they form a ‘green sanctuary’, where it’s easy to forget the world beyond. In this book, the author observes it all, in a series of stunning vignettes.

Rising on Lancashire’s Heald Moor, the River Calder flows through the countryside of West Yorkshire to join the River Aire (near Castleford). The steep-sided valley was formed by glacial erosion of a bedrock of millstone grit and carboniferous rock, over millions of years.

Due to high rainfall, the valley’s rushing river was often used in the industrial heyday in the Pennines, to form a navigable canal. You’ll still find the legacy of the textile industry, with mill and factory buildings, often now renovated as residentia homes. And the canal is now a place of leisure, for walkers and boaters to enjoy nature’s sights and sounds.

about the author

Simon Zonenblick is a poet and nature writer from West Yorkshire’s Calder Valley. He has published several poetry collections, and writes about nature for the Yorkshire Post.

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