north country

North Country is a beautiful and unique anthology of writing on nature and place, focusing on the north of England. From Thomas Bewick to Lemn Sissay and from Sarah Hall to the Brontës, find writings on everything from curleys to ‘the music of the Fells’. 

North Country abounds with beauty from the dramatic Lakeland Fells (celebrated by writers and artists for eons) to unspoiled Northumberland beaches. This book discovers and celebrates wide estuaries, winding rivers, sheer cliffs, rushing waterfalls, ancient woodland, limestone pavements and miles of hedgerows and drystone walls, sustainability built (and rebuilt) over centuries. All form part of the North’s rich natural heritage.

However these landscapes are also at risk. The curlew’s call is isolated, and many other species are in decline. Industry, urban sprawl and climate chaos threaten our planet. And conservation is often overlooked for short-term economic gain. This book reminds us why Northern people defend their open spaces, and demand action on pollution and habitat loss.

about the author

Karen Lloyd is an award-winning nature writer and environmental activist based in Cumbra, and is Writer in Residence at University of Lancaster.

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