Stonehenge Holly Francesca

Holly Francesca

Stonehenge is one of England’s best-known prehistoric monuments, believed to be due to burial rites. No-one is quite sure how the huge heavy stones  got to the site near Salisbury (Wiltshire) though it’s believed they likely came by ship, when the area was surrounded by water. It’s close to 5000 years old, so there are not building records!

Known for ‘hippy travellers’ who arrive on June 21 to celebrate the summer solstice (the longest day of the year), they are not that earth-friendly, as the council has had to ban many visitors, as they left so much litter. in 1985, over 500 travellers were arrested, after an altercation between them and the local police turned ugly. It led to the biggest mass arrest of civilians in England ever. Recently other people were arrested for throwing orange powder paint on the stones during a Just Stop Oil protest (a bit daft, to then desecrate a sacred monument to make your point).

You are likely familiar with the beautiful curved crescent in the city of Bath (often used in period dramas, even if you’ve never visited). It’s said that the ‘circus’ design is influenced by Stonehenge, built around the rising and setting sun. Circus is said to represent the sun, while nearby Royal Crescent the moon.

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