Carla Denyer

Often mainstream government scoffs that Greens are protest MPs. It’s not true, they are in power-sharing governments worldwide including New Zealand and especially in Finland (a Green almost replaced Angela Merkel as chancellor in Germany).

The Green Party has some good policies. Things are hopeful with Caroline Lucas’ seat in Brighton almost certain to be filled by former London mayor candidate Sian Berry. Greens obviously won’t form a government, but will keep the incoming government on their toes, on the serious issue of climate change, which the main parties don’t seem to take seriously enough:

None of the other parties are making it the priority it should be. This is despite the fact that all the temperature charts for the world (sea temperaure is particularly terrifying) are literally off the charts. We’ve gone over 1.5 degrees C, which we knew was a tipping point. We could be a in a situation of genuine climate crisis, much sooner than we thought. Sian Berry 

The other three candidates hoping to become Green MPs are:

Carla Denyer (a co-leader) is hoping to win in Bristol Central, packed with young environmentalist students in an area that has won every council seat recently. A former councillor herself, she made Bristol City Council the first to bring a motion to declare a climate emergency.

Adrian Ramsay (the other co-leader) is also standing in another new constituency, this time in Suffolk, again where Greens have won many council seats. A major Green figure for over 10 years and former Norwich councilllor, he is the former Chief Executive for Centre for Alternative Technology (which means he knows his solar panels!)

Ellie Chowns is standing in Herefordshire, a former MEP who is the county’s former Herefordshire Council cabinet member for environment and economy. She was partly responsible for bringing in free bus travel in the county at weekends, and is a former lecturer at Birmingham University.

how Caroline Lucas paved the way for change

Caroline Lucas


Caroline Lucas was England’s first Green MP and has achieved many great things (even before that, her time in the European parliament partly achieved many firsts including a ban on importing seal fur from the Canadian cull). Caroline has recently written a book on how to restore compassionate patrionism. Arguing that we can still ‘love our country’ without having to bend to far-right rhetoric like much of modern politics and the media do. Please don’t let our country go the way of Trumpian ‘put America first’ politics. We are better and kinder than that!

I want to reclaim England and Englishness. To make it somewhere people born in England (and people who have made England their home) want to celebrate. For too long, those on the Right of politics have claimed Englishness for themselves. The Left has missed a trick, by being too squeamish about it. Parliament smells of decay now. Debates run short, there’s no leadership. But I take hope from the amazing people who come together to save a local river or woodland, or run the school uniform exchange or the foodbank. There are green shoots of people fighting back everywhere. Caroline Lucas

The most inspiring British politican of my lifetime. Robert Macfarlane

The best PM Britain never had. Guardian

why are there more Green MPs abroad?

greens NZ

Due to fair voting systems, New Zealand now has 15 Green MPs (getting towards 10%) of parliament. During the COVID pandemic (which New Zealand handled better than most countries with far fewer deaths), the party created thousands of ‘nature jobs’ and has also made huge progress in laws – from ending new offshore oil and gas explorations to changing the rules, so renters get fairer deals.

greens NZ

Many of the MPs are of Māori descent (their ancestors arriving from the Polynesian homeland of Hawaiki over 1000 years ago). One Green MP is a former Minister of Climate Change (our equivalent minister recently received campaign donations from oil and aviation companies). This led to Green MP Caroline Lucas to write ‘for fossil fuel cash to go directly into the pockets of ministers who then greenlight new oil & gas licenses and a climate-wrecking coalmine, is nothing short of a scandal’.

greens NZ

The politics in New Zealand is younger, fresher and more uplifting. There’s an optimistic mood about the future, in stark contrast to the depressing nastiness of UK politics.

animal justice party

New Zealand has joined many other countries, in launching its own animal welfare party. Animal Justice Party has been launched to help create a more compassionate and just society for all animals, through promoting ethical treatment and better legal protection of all species.

From campaigning for humane research to banning animals being exploited for entertainment, the party also wants the government to create a Commissioner for animals, a simple initiative that could do huge amounts of good. This law is also supported by organisations across New Zealand who work on the frontline of animal welfare, and are sometimes powerless to act, due to inadequacies in the law, in a country known for its higher animal welfare standards than most other countries. An independent Commissioner for Animals would be able to propose legislative changes and enforcement, where basic requirements were being ignored or compromised.

Although we have an animal welfare party, it has not taken off in the same way. New Zealand’s party is already a household name, just months after launch. It does help to change policy (even if you elect councillors) so do look out for candidates in local elections, even if you vote tactically otherwise.

Australia’s Animal Justice Party

koalas Alex Clark

Alex Clark

Australia’s Animal Justice Party campaigns for tougher animal protection laws, and increased penalties for abuse. The manifesto includes recognising all animals as sentient beings, promoting plant-based diets, outlawing international use of animals for sport, exhibition and ‘entertainment’ and outlawing research and experimentation, and promoting human research. The party’s MPs have secured millions in funds for domestic abuse victims to find safe havens with pets, and to stop cruelty in many industries. Candidate Bronwyn is planning to introduce legislation to ban live exports (recently animals ‘cooked alive’ on a stranded ship, then those surviving had to endure a second trip). She also plans to improve animal cruelty prevention laws and protect national wildlife.

Young MP Georgie Purcell MP is a colourful character. She paid her way through college working as a stripper and pole dancer, to take a double degree in law and communications/politics. She has had a lot of media airtime, but says her background means she’s good at dealing with very difficult people! She met her husband at a protest against live animal exports, and is shaking up the establishment in Australia. More power to you, Georgie!

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