Bio-fluff winter coat

Bio-fluff is the world’s first plant-based sustainable fur. Based in Paris and New York, the company has recently secured over 2 million Euros in funding to revolutionise the textile industry. Obviously the argument used by the fur industry is that their material is natural (it’s not, once it’s treated with chemicals) and that faux fur is not, due to being polyester.

Fur farms have few welfare laws, so animals can be clubbed, electrocuted or skinned alive (leghold traps also harm pets and native wildlife) and fur is treated with chemicals so is not ‘natural’. DNA tests also found some ‘fake fur trim’ (for clothing and furry ornaments) is actually real fur.

Bio-fluff material is both kind and sustainable, and uses Savian (the name means ‘dandelion’, a groundbreaking collection of fur, shearling and fleece fibres made from natural plants, using modern technologies to recreate the look, feel and warmth of fur, but with no animals or unbiodegradable materials. Already luxury brands and designers are interested. The company was co-founded by a biochemist, a textile expert and a computer scientist who now works in the fashion industry.

This product could replace the 100 million animals killed annually for fur, and also generates up to 90% less co-2 emisssions, compared to synthetic fur alternatives. One fan is vegan fashion designer Stella McCartney. Another biodegradable faux fur of the future is Gacha, which is made from a biodegradable polyester that composts in 180 days.

You can help orphaned wildlife by donating unwanted fur coats to your local wildlife rescue (the coats are cut up into squares to make ‘calming surrogate mums’ for baby animals).

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