rose vegan lip balm

If you have dry lips, drink more water and don’t lick your lips too much (don’t scrub peeling skin). Most lip balms contain either petroleum (petrol!) or beeswax (not vegan). Battle Green Lip Balms are sold in paper push-up tubes or tubes or metal tins, your choice. In five scents, these are made with cocoa butter and jojoba oil. Choose from mandarin, rose, lime, peppermint or vanilla.

Avoid aromatherapy oils for pregnancy/nursing or affected medical conditions, and avoid shea butter for latex allergies. Keep lip balms away from pets as most contain unsafe ingredients like cocoa butter, essential oils and zinc/titanium dioxide (also found in sun creams, so wash off before letting them lick you!) 

If you have cold sores, don’t go kissing anyone as they’re contagious. and never kiss babies, this can lead to serious neonatal herpes.

sea buckthorn lip balm

This sea buckthorn lip balm is free from both, and sold in a cardboard tube. Made with a healing Nordic berry (the ‘orange colour’ is from beta-carotene), it’s rich in omega acids, with oil pressed from a remote area in Russia.

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