great vegan meals for the carnivorous family

If you would like to try vegan food but think you’ll miss steak/chicken/lamb too much, try one of these books for size. It would be lovely if everyone lived on lentils and brown rice, but that’s just not reality! These books still offer meals made with wholesome ingredients, but focus on satisfying conventional tastes.

Before cooking, read up on food safety for people & pets (many human foods are unsafe around animal friends).

Great Vegan Meals for the Carnivorous Family is a book by a home chef in Australia, who feeds her family meals that anyone will love. Husband-and-child-friendly, enjoy recipes for:

  1. Savoury French toast
  2. Vegan latkes
  3. Easy-peasy no-sausage rolls (using vegan pastry)
  4. Dang tasty Mexican black beans
  5. This lasagne can’t be vegan
  6. Portobello fajitas
  7. Husband-approved tofu katsu burger
  8. Dairy-free stovetop mac n cheese
  9. Vegan chilli fries
  10. Chocolate lover’s black bean brownies

anything you can cook I can cook vegan

Anything You Can Cook, I Can Vegan is a unique book by a food wizard, recreating favourites with plant-based ingredients. With recipes for every skill level, this vibrant refreshing book shows how to whip up comfort-food classics to surprise your tastebuds. Over 100 recipes plus tips on stocking your pantry and a recipe-finder quiz.

If you have a husband/father/son/nephew/grandpa who say he would never eat vegan, try this recipe book to convert! Whether you are planning to go plant-based all the time or just eat less meat, the answer is not to browbeat people with your beliefs. But convert them through taste! An old proverb states the ‘a hungry belly has no ears!;

Recipes include:

  1. Fried ‘eggs’
  2. Mushroom brisket sandwiches
  3. Mac n Cheese
  4. Lobster rolls
  5. Tempeh nuggets
  6. Burrito bowls with sofritas
  7. Blueberry cornflake muffins
  8. Tres leche cake

Richard Makin is a vegan cook and popular blogger, who switched from lifelong vegetarian to vegan, and began experimenting as a self-proclaimed food scientist. He has over 196k followers on Instagram and 19k on TikTok.

Veganize It! offers recipes by a professional chef, for staples like milks, cheeses, bacon, burgers, sausages, butter and Worcestershire sauce (conventional contains anchovies). Then learn how to make recipes using these staples including:

  1. Sample Bahn mi
  2. Sausage biscuits (scones)
  3. Meaty-cheesy pizza
  4. Milk shakes
  5. Jambalaya
  6. Jerky
  7. Lemon meringue pie

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