scrapples apple crisps

Scrapples is a great brand of crisps, which turns upcycled wonky fruit into tasty crisps. The founder says his mum would keep leftover food so long, some had its own pension plan! So he got to work creating an alternative, ensuring the packs can be recycled at partipicating Terracycle drop-off points (most people live within a few miles of one).

Never give leftover crisps to pets, garden birds or wildlife as salt is unsafe (and crisps/crackers/crusty bread could harm feathered friends).

Millions of people eat crisps across England, but most have way too much salt and only a portion of packs get recycled (one of the most common form of litter). Child nutritionists say if you feed children crisps, choose mini-packs (they say the best brand is Kettle Unsalted Chips). The ‘green traffic light’ nutrition label is usually for one portion (a mini-serving). If you eat a big pack in one go, it’s way over the recommended salt limit, especially for children.

Be careful with ‘biodegradable packaging’. Like with coffee and chocolate, most is made  by planting flammable eucalyptus trees to make the fibre, and this is causing wildfires (new plantations are now banned in some areas of southern Europe). Far better (especially for pubs, hotels and restaurants) is to buy sharing tins from Two Farmers (two flavours are vegan).

upcycled grain crisps from Denmark

Agrain crisps (Denmark) are made with the company’s own upcycled flour made from spent grain, collected from local breweries, to reduce food waste. Sold in salt, Italian or Indian spice flavours, the company also makes crackers (oats or sea salt).

The flours don’t taste like beer, but have a mild yet intense flavour (caramel, nuts, roasted grain, coffee or chocolate). They are used more as a spice to enhance recipes, and also boosts fibre and protein content. If baking bread, keep fresh dough away from pets, as it can expand in the stomach. Read more on food safety for people & pets.

Malt is used to brew beer, and this germinated grain (from barley or other grains) can also be used as animal feed or to make biogas. This company dries and mills upcycled grains, then composes different flavours according to the flour variant (barley, wheat, rye or oat malt).

recipes to make your own crisps

baked potato chips

The Simple Veganista is a good simple recipe. For more nutrients, make root veggie crisps (So Vegan) made with carrots, sweet potato, beetroot.

Most bags of crisps are way too high in salt, and it’s also difficult to recycle the crisp packets, unless you live near a TerraCycle outlet. The other alternative is to make your own crisps. It’s pretty simple, you just bake sliced potatoes in the oven. You’ll need a mandoline (buy a quality brand with a guard, so you don’t end up with a lost finger in your crisps). Add your own seasonings (keep crisps away from pets and don’t give them to birds or wildilfe, as salt is toxic to all of them) For more nutrients, make root veggie crisps (So Vegan) made with carrots, sweet potato, beetroot.

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