cracking nuts

Forget the main brands, and stock up on Cracking Nuts, a brand founded by a couple who would serve up their homemade nut blends to surfers on the North Devon coast, and now sell online and to local pubs. All the range is free from palm oil, sold in cardboard pots and glass jars with refills. The range includes naked nuts, rosemary spiced, coronation cashews (curry spice), cinnamon vanilla and Christmas spiced. Get discounts by joining their Nut Club!

Avoid nuts for young children and people with swallowing difficulties, and keep away from pets (macadamia and many other nuts are very toxic). For more info, read food safety for people & petsDon’t feed whole nuts to birds (choking hazards, esp. to baby birds). Salt is toxic to birds, so only feed quality brands (free from aflatoxins) in brand-named feeders (not mesh bags that can harm).

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