Peter's Yard sourdough rosemary crackers

Peter’s Yard rosemary & sea salt sourdough crackers are made with a 45-year-old sourdough starter, and fermented for 16 hours. Crafted in small batches, these are vegan and free from palm oil (made with cold-pressed rapeseed oil from Suffolk, to keep food miles low). Ideal with vegan cheese or served with soup, they are a lighter alternative to bread. Recycle packaging at supermarket bag bins.

Never give leftover crackers to garden birds or wildfowl, as they could choke (also don’t give stale or mouldy bread, not buttered crackers as the fat smears on feathers, affecting waterproofing/insulation). Keep these crackers away from pets, due to unsafe ingredients like salt (also toxic to birds and wildilfe), garlic and onion.

Founded by a Swede who believes we are happiest when we use our natural talents, he joined up with friends (including a master baker) to see how to revive traditional baking methods, to turn away from commercial yeast and return to slower sourdough techniques, which led him to open a small bakery in the Swedish countryside. Two English friends who had left their jobs to pursue their own dream of introducing a Swedish-style bakery heard about Peter, and when visiting, became captivated by his trays of warm crusty loaves, bags of stoneground flour and jars of bubbling sourdough starter, and also enjoyed the most delicious crispbread they had ever eaten. And so this brand was born.

Following the original Swedish recipe, this crispbread is now sold in good farm shops and delis nationwide. Made in a London craft bakery, sourdough is made from the naturally occuring yeast and bacteria in flour. The crackers are sold in cardboard packs (you can recycle the plastic film at supermarket bag bins).

Your artisan sourdough crispbread is the crispbread I have been looking for all my life. It is everything I hope crispbread will be, but so rarely is. Chef Nigel Slater

Welsh vegan crackers (with no palm oil)

Palm-oil crackers are few and far between in shops, and then not that tasty. Cradoc’s Savoury Crackers are made in the beautiful Brecon Beacons and are free from palm oil, very tasty and ideal for vegan cheese! The ingredients are locally-sourced then smashed into crackers, and sold in sustainable packaging. The flour is from a local co-op and even the spices are from a community store to support the Gurkha community.

This company bakes crackers and nothing else, so they are expert at it. The crackers have unopened shelf life of 9 months (the charcoal ones are six months) and the bakery is indie-owned by the local baker-lady and Chief Cracker Muncher! The range (bar a couple of cheese versions) is all vegan-friendly and includes:

  1. Oats or Sea Salt
  2. Beetroot & garlic
  3. Chilli ginger & garlic
  4. Spinach & celery seed
  5. Pear & Earl Grey
  6. Lemongrass Coconut Chilli
  7. Peppercorn, Fennel & red onion

make your own vegan crackers

easy vegan crackers

Easy Vegan Crackers (Vegan on Board) just need flour, olive oil, salt, sugar and water. You can use sunflower oil but they think they taste better with olive oil. Or try low-carbon keto vegan crackers for an alternative recipe. Gluten-free?  Try these one-bowl gluten-free crackers (Minimalist Baker).

one bowl gluten-free crackers

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