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Nearly all shoes are made in Asia from leather in countries with poor welfare laws for both animals and humans (and the tanning process is very polluting). And most cheap vegan shoes are made from pleather (plastic leather) that are not good for the planet and make your feet sweat. Instead, invest in a couple of pairs of good quality vegan shoes made from Microfiber, wearing on alternate days, to let them dry out. Care for with a damp cloth, do not put in the washing machine.

As most quality vegan shoes are still sold online, visit the shoe shop (afternoons when your feet are their proper size) and get your feet measured (or measure your own feet). If you’re a half-size, it’s usually okay to order the bigger size (feet swell when running and you’ll likely be wearing socks). But it’s best to try to find the exact size for other shoes (European brands don’t offer half sizes).

Good Guys Go Vegan (France, use coupon code englandnaturally for 20 Euros discount) has been around for years, before France even had a vegan! Made ethically in Italy from quality breathable materials, just search online to find your favourites. These funky boots are unique and best-sellers the world over. And stylish? Come on – they’re french!

Will’s Vegan Shoes (London) is an established brand of quality vegan shoes and boots (including children’s school shoes) from a man who focuses on quality (there are no Black Friday sales etc, just good quality shoes and boots (including hiking boots) with a whopping 365-days return, all sent in zero waste packaging. Everything is made ethically in Italy and Portugual under European Union employment rules. Everything is shipped quickly from their Essex Warehouse. You’ll find lots of lovely colours and styles at this store, along with matching quality vegan leather belts, bags, satchels, cardholders etc. Note if buying clothing like ‘fake wool coats’, these contain synthetic materials so if bought, launder in a microplastic catcher.

Freerangers (although expensive) is arguably by one of the best. This company does not make ‘fashionable shoes’, but rather handmade shoes designed to last for years, focusing on comfort and quality. Choose from many styles and a huge array of colours. Each pair is signed by the maker, and you can send them back for re-soling. This company also makes bags, satchels & even vegan sporrans!

8000 Kicks specialise in making comfortable sneakers and shoes from eco-friendly hemp (the non-narcotic cousin of marijuana). It grows organically and removes heavy metals from soil, and also can be used to grow local paper, wood and fabric. During the pandemic, this company donated shoes to organisations that were helping homeless people, and donated 10,000 masks to those on the front lines.

The waterproof hemp rucksacks fit most laptops and include fast-access frontal zippers and two side pockets for your reusable water bottle and umbrella. The hemp wallets use a unique triangular design to stand up alone, if left on a nearby desk or table. There is lots of room inside. They are resistant to stains, dust and liquid, but also easy to clean.

Fairma Ethical Design (Poland) is a unique brand handmade vegan shoes, in a country that is still fledgling in being vegan-friendly, so great to support those who are ‘battling against the elements’ to bring animal welfare into the mainstream. All the shoes are sent in zero waste packaging and handmade to high standards by local artisans. All these shoes are made ethically in four Polish factories, mostly family-run. The company also has donated shoes to people in Ukraine and donates to many animal welfare and other charities. The company makes nice shoes and boots along with rope sandals for men and women, plus a range of classic accessories like wallets.

comfortable vegan walking shoes

Ahinsa shoes
Ahinsa Shoes are super-comfy, made by physiotherapists. Verified by university studies as being super-comfy for walking, they are ethically made from handmade materials in Croatia and the Czech Republic. With worldwide shipping, choose from barefoot shoes (as natural as walking barefoot) or comfort shoes (maximum cushioning to adapt to your stride). The vegan leathers and suedes are ideal for traditional shoes, while the hemp and linen are more for ‘nature’s tough guys’. There are even boots with vegan fur lining to keep your toes toasty (tested to warm your feet in freezing Finnish temperatures!)

designer vegan dress shoes

Solari Milano vegan shoes

Solari Milano (also sold at Etsy) is a brand of Italian shoes that are sustainably-made but and retail the quality of Italian footwear. Handcrafted by experts, these shoes use corn to make the uppers, and feature recycled rubber outsoles, bamboo linings and organic cotton laces.

Marzeri Milano is a brand of designer men’s vegan shoes, expertly crafted to provide the perfect blend of comfort, durability and timeless style. Encompassing hundreds of years of Italian expertise from artisans who craft the best shoes in the world, these shoes use the Goodyear welt construction for guarantee of exceptional quality, comfort and durability.

The shoes mostly use apple leather, made with leftover pulp from northern Italy’s apple industry. Which also keeps the carbon footprint low. Other waterproof grain vegan leathers offer a supple suede texture, and cork (no trees chopped down) creates a specially crafted material to resemble snake or crocodile skin.

Gentleberg (The Netherlands) is a wonderful unique footwear brand, created by an inspiring young man who after discovering there were few vegan smart shoes for men, crowdfunded to found his own shoe label, based in Amsterdam. After months of research, he sourced the perfect premium vegan leathers that are also water-resistant, and made the shoes with recycled rubber outsoles. He advises useing shoe trees for these shoes to keep their shape, and simply use warm water and mild soap to clean, using their own plant-based wax dubbin to polish.

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