battle green violet deodorant

Battle Green deodorants are sold in cardboard tubes, just warm against the skin and swipe. Made with organic shea and coconut butter in several scents. The company also makes deodorants in tins, including this unscented chamomile version that’s free from baking soda.

Avoid aromatherapy oils for pregnancy/nursing or affected medical conditions. Avoid shea butter for latex allergies. Keep away from pets due to essential oils, cocoa butter and zinc/titanium oxide (also found in sunscreens, wash off before letting pets lick your skin!)

Conventional deodorants contain aluminium which is not good near lymph nodes, and anti-perspirants stop you sweating (an essential bodily function). As long as you drink plenty of water, eat well, shower daily and wear natural loose fibres (organic cotton, hemp, linen), you’ll find natural deodorants are enough.

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