Toby Tiger

Toby Tiger is instantly recognisable for its bright and colourful designs, from dribble bibs to dungarees and party dresses. The clothes feature colourful easy poppers, adjustable shoulder straps and super-soft reversible fabrics, with strips and appliques to tell a story for curious little imaginations. Bound to raise a smile on the faces of children and grownups everywhere. A few items may contain synthetic fibres (launder in a microplastic catcher).

For baby clothing, The Lullaby Trust has information on suitable clothing (and bedding) to help prevent crib death.

Organic cotton is not just better for the planet, but also good for children, as the lack of chemicals means they are usually gentler on skin, especially for children with eczema.

return & earn service for outworn clothes

Toby Tiger also offers a return & earn service, where you can send back outgrown clothes to add to their SuperLooper library, for others to borrow. And you get a voucher for your next purchase (the more clothes you send in, the bigger coupon you receive). Unlike some clothing stores that ‘give you gifts’ for over-consumption, this is simply helping to reduce fashion waste (return labels are free) and you can send in any clothes, they don’t have to be from Toby Tiger. This helps to create a circular economy, and provide quality clothing for families on a budget, during turbulent financial times.

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