recycled silver wedding ring

There are many companies online that offer rings made from recycled gold or silver (plus engagement rings with recycled gems or lab-created diamonds to avoid mining). Some will even melt down your granny’s wedding ring to make it fit perfectly for you. There are wooden rings or no rings – you choose! This gorgeous wedding ring is made in Birmingham, from recycled silver.

hairy growler wedding rings

We love Hairy Growler! This company makes jewellery (including wedding rings) from old Victorian coins and cutlery. The gold sovereign coins make beautiful 22ct gold rings, and as the coin rings have no join, they are an ‘unbroken circle’ symbolic of the connection you have made to each other. And the ‘share a fork’ concept from one antique silver sterling fork offers a lovely starting point for a pair of wedding bands.

recycled silver wedding ring

Glasswing Jewellery not only makes beautiful recycled silver and wedding rings, but also makes engagement rings set with seaglass (stones washed smooth by the sea). Your stone may well be an old pirate bottle from hundreds of years ago that dropped off a ship – shiver me timbers!

seaglass engagement ring

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