willow earth rucksack

Rucksacks are better than handbags for those who prefer a more active lifestyle. Good ones are also washable without microplastics in the washing machine (unlike bags made from polyester or recycled plastic bottles). Here are some nice choices:

cotton rucksacks from Sussex

rust rucksack willow earth

Willow Earth (Sussex) is a delightful company that makes beautiful rucksacks and totes with natural cork logos from strong cotton canvas. But even better, it uses the offcuts to make tote bags, wallets and purses, so there’s no waste.

Glynde vegan rucksack

rucksacks from reinforced washable paper

Kula bags

Kula Bags offers rucksacks made from reinforced washable paper. They are showerproof and as durable as canvas bags. The Bridgewater includes a side zip for easy access, and a secure inside and back zipped pocket to keep valuables safe.Both pockets are big enough to fit an iPhone Plus and Galaxy Plus. In 2 sizes, for different sizes laptops.

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