earth conscious baby balm

In most cases, washing a baby’s skin with warm water is enough, or use a mild soap. There is no need to coat a baby’s skin with chemicals (or essential oils) nor block pores with mineral oils. Read why to switch to talc-free body powders.

Earth Conscious Baby Balm (Isle of Wight) is made from organic virgin coconut oil, shea butter, almond and apricot kernel oil. Packed with fatty acids, it’s ideal for dry patches or nappy rash cream. Also good on adult chapped lips. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Do not use on broken skin, avoid eye area.

Coraline Skincare makes soaps for sensitive skin (the scent-free versions are suitable from 3 months plus). This company was founded after the parents of a baby born with Down Syndrome found conventional skincare was too harsh. So they developed their own soaps. Sold in chamomile yarrow or nettle calendula, store on a slatted soap dish (or dry facecloth) to dry out between uses.

Kokoso organic coconut oil

Kokoso Coconut Oil is made from quality cold-pressed raw coconut oil, ideal to calm rashes and eczema-prone skin (which often has a dietary cause, even from breastfeeding mothers). You can use it to nourish dry skin, soothe nappy rash, apply to cradle cap or use on yourself as a rich skin cleanser or after-sun lotion. Coconut oil melts in warm weather, so store in the fridge upright, and it resets. These coconuts are harvested by humans (not monkeys).

Use with a silicone baby bath brush to gently brush away flakes for cradle cap. The Konjac baby sponge is made from Japanese potato fibre and can be cut up and composted after use. Perfect with plain water or create a nourishing lather with scent-free baby soap.

Novapure Naturals is a face & body powder made with organic oats, arrowroot, kaolin clay, chamomile and calendula. Ideal to prevent rashes, there are before/after photos on the website of people who have been healed in weeks or days (sometimes hours) after use.

Keep this powder dry, away from water and open flame. Keep away from pets, as it contains zinc (also found in sunscreens, ensure you wash it off before letting pets lick you!) 

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