Simon Hill vegan podcast

Podcasts are very popular these days, whether you listen to them at home, or while driving. Here are some of thet best, after all you don’t want to waste time listening to rubbish vegan podcasts!

The Proof is a highly-reviewed podcast from Simon Hill, who explores the health benefits and other pros of going plant-based. A physiotherapist and nutritionist (and author of the book The Proof is in the Plants), he likes to share evidence and facts to create a healthier and united world.

Our Hen House is a dynamic weekly podcast hosted by author Jasmin Singer and lawyer Mariann Sullivan, both advocates for animal protection. Listen in as they discuss changing the world for animals with grassroots activists, artists, writers, chefs, entrepreneurs, politicians, business folk and more.

Real Men Eat Plants is a popular podcast co-presented by popular writer and screenwriter Glen Merzer, and guests include popular male recipe bloggers.

Brown Vegan is a fun and uplifting podcast from a delightful woman who believes that if you drink green juice for breakfast, it’s good to have vegan cupcakes after dinner! Monique also teaches cooking at vegan festivals through the year.

The Exam Room is a medical podcast by Dr Neal Barnard, founder of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. If you want interviews on the health benefits of plants, this is the podcast for you. Dr Yami is another podcast by a certified doctor, a passionate promoter of plants to prevent chronic disease.

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