fresh fruit smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to ‘hide’ veggies! Don’t worry about expensive Vitamix blenders. Just invest in a good quality blender with a glass jug, to avoid burning out the motor. And one that’s easy to clean, so it will get used, and not just sit in the cupboard, gathering dust! Read more on food safety for people & pets.

This 5-minute strawberry smoothie (Crowded Kitchen) is so simple to make, and much cheaper than expensive store brands. One comedian said the main company had a cheek to call themselves ‘innocent’ considering the price – he suggests putting a banana in your mouth and shaking your head around, to make your own drink at around 26p! Homemade smoothies also means you can vary up the flavours, depending on what’s in season, or leftover in your fridge.

This recipe uses frozen strawberries or raspberries (you must freeze them first before making the recipe). The mango can be subbed with pineapple (sub with sweet apples for local, but it won’t taste the same), which also should be frozen. All you then need is to whizz up with plant milk and yoghurt, and add maple syrup to sweeten.

beet smoothie

Beetroots are one of nature’s sweetest vegetables, ideal to use in smoothies and desserts (red devil cake is very popular in America, a blend of beets and chocolate). This beet smoothie (Minimalist Baker) is blended with mango (prepare & freeze fresh mango using the simple glass method). The recipe contains frozen raspberries, spinach and carrot, so if ever there was a ‘use stuff up in your fridge’ recipe, this is it! Beets may temporarily turn pee pink, so unless there’s a medical condition, don’t worry too much! 

make the perfect smoothie

Let Nisha at Rainbow Plant Life show you how to make the perfect smoothie. Once you know the basic formulas, you can whizz up something tasty, with whatever ingredients you have to hand. There’s even a chart to help you out:

  1. Liquids
  2. Greens
  3. Fruit
  4. Healthy fats
  5. Superfoods
  6. Extras

homemade fresh smoothie bowls

strawberry smoothie bowl

This strawberry smoothie bowl (Crowded Kitchen) is a nice alternative, just made a little thicker to serve in a bowl for breakfast, rather than a glass. Or try their green smoothie bowls (spinach cucumber, green tea and cucumber or tropical (with pineapple).

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