gomi speaker

This GOMI speaker is not just stunning to look at, but the unique colours are due to being made from recycled plastic bags. Sold with a lifetime repair guarantee, it’s handmade in Brighton (with 32 hours of battery life to boot) and compatible with Bluetooth and AUX. The USB-C fast charges from 0 to 100% in just 2 hours, and you can pair two for full stereo sound. This product generates half the carbon dioxide emissions of comparable speakers. It’s expensive (but then all speakers are) and designed to last for life. Ideal for festivals, pubs and discos etc.

gomi (Brighton) is a sustainable design studio that makes the world’s first power banks from non-recyclable plastic waste and repurposed e-bike batteries. Everything they make is durable and backed by a lifetime repair promise, showcasing to the planet how to make high-quality tech products without waste.

a repairable power bank (from recycled batteries)

gomi power bank

This Gomi power bank is not just stunning to look at, but it’s made from plastic waste and second-hand batteries, and sold with a lifetime repair guarantee. Handmade in Brighton, it can charge your phone up to 3 times, and offers durable eco-friendly power with USB-A and USB-C fast-charging ports. Powered completely from repurposed lithium batteries, it’s sold in a case made from plastic waste, and can also charge up to two devices at the same time. Uses half the carbon emissions of comparable chargers.

repairable (and locally-made) portable speakers

portable charger

Minirig Portable Speakers don’t just have the longest battery life to make them last longer, but they are mde in the UK. Designed by engineers, these offer 30-hour or 80-hour battery life encased in a sleek cylinder, with a hifi-quality sound system. The team is happy to repair your Minirig for a fair price, even if out of warranty.

portable charger

The 30-hour speaker offers a mini-version with powerful sound, using the latest technology and quality design, yet is still small enough to pop in your pocket. Inculdes Bluetooth and aux connectivity thrown in, this is the perfect portable speaker for festivals. It offers 30 hours of life at low use, or 10 hours for average use (only 3 hours for maximum volume but not good for your ears or anyone else!) Charging time is 2 to 3 hours. Includes a charging cable and aux cable, encased in anodised aluminium, with a one-year warranty (or pay £24 after that). The company also plan to keep the same design core, so they can upgrade existing items, rather than you have to buy new.

modular headphones (designed to last years)

modular wireless headphones

AIAIAI Headphones are sold with a 4-year warranty (anything fixed for free for the fist 3 years) and designed to last years, as you can replace the cable if it wears out or switch to wireless Bluetooth speakers. If you run out of battery, just plug in a cable until you recharge. Trusted by musicians and technicians worldwide, you can also buy a hard-shell carry case, to keep them safe from bumps and scratches.

modular wireless headphones

The lightweight Bluetooth headphones (above) offer critically-acclaimed sound and feature soft ear cushions that are made from recycled materials (including plastic bottles). The Bluetooth headband transmits hi-res audio with built-in dual microphones, and there is over 40 hours playback time, with full charge. Includes a cable and intuitive multi-functional joystick controls.

modular wireless headphones

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