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Asian food is very popular in England, a melting pot of cultural cuisines. But rather than always eat out (too expensive) or buy plastic-wrapped ready meals, why not just learn to make your favourite meals?

Never eat rice after 24 hours (a good poison hazard) and use bamboo chopsticks. Keep these recipes away from young children and pets due to unsafe ingredients like onion, garlic and strong spices. Read more on food safety for people & pets (many foods are unsafe near animal friends). 

Vegan Asian offers super-simple recipes by a popular young chef, for recipes that will keep you coming back for more.  Recipes include:

  1. Pad Thai
  2. Char siu tofu
  3. Vietnamese mushroom pho
  4. Singaporean chilli tofu
  5. Chinese lettuce wraps
  6. Yang chow fried rice
  7. Japanese yakisoba
  8. Spicy Dan Dan noodles
  9. Satay tofu sticks with peanut sauce
  10. Korean bulgogi mushrooms

Author Jeeca is a recipe developer from family of foodies, who learned to cook at an early age, picking up tips from her mother and grandmother. She finds cooking very therapeutic and hopes you can feel the same, after experimenting with her recipes. She always strives to make her recipes simple with affordable ingredients.

Also read Asian Green with simple recipes for nourishing soups and vibrant mains, plus tips on how to use a wok. Enjoy recipes for:

  1. Wok-fried orange-soy sticky sprouts
  2. Peking mushroom pancakes
  3. Smoked tofu & broccoli
  4. Korean-style Ram-don
  5. Chinese black bean seitan tacos

plant-based recipes from Korea

The Korean Vegan Cookbook offers recipes from this unique part of the world. Recipes include black bean noodles, Korean potato-leek soup and chocolate sweet potato cake.

plant-based recipes from Nepal

Plant-Based Himalaya is a unique book of 38 recipes (with 250 beautiful colour photos) of food from this amazing part of the world. The recipes include grains, dal, curries, greens, sauces and desserts.

90 Asian-ish vegan & gluten-free recipes

Sesame, Soy, Spice is the debut book behind the popular blog Veggiekins, sharing Asian-inspired meals, along with the author’s story of her personal journey to wellness. Growing up in an international family, Remy Morimoto Park ate food from her parents’ Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese cultures, and also food from other family members with French and Brazilian origins, and close friends who lived in Thai homes.

After struggling with an eating disorder and problems with addiction, she began a plant-based gluten-free lifestyle and found herself drifting away from family meals and childhood comfort foods, locking onto cucumber sticks and bean burgers. But not being able to find nice meals in Asian restaurants, she turned her old comfort foods into inspiration for new dishes, in order to heal.

This beautiful and inspirational book offers elegant easy-to-make dishes like:

  1. Smoky maple tempeh bacon
  2. Green garden soba noodle salad
  3. Taiwanese five-spice Brussels sprouts
  4. Spicy peanut ramen
  5. Thai basil tempeh
  6. Japanese kare with popcorn tofu
  7. Pesto pão de Queijo
  8. Brazilian cheezy bread
  9. Miso caramel crème brulée

100 plant-based Asian recipe dishes

The Vegan Bunny Chef is a book of 100 plant-based Asian dishes, to change your life. These meals are bound to expand your palette and become mainstays in your weekly food prep. Whether you have a pantry of staples like gochujang and kimchi or are new to Asian food and want healthy meals that are not too oily or sweet, this is the book for you. Most recipes also take 30 minutes or less to make. The book uses easy ingredients like vegetables and vegetables and has easy-flip-through sections for staples like noodles, rice and wraps with fillings of veggies, tofu and vegan eggs. And all recipes choose whole foods over processed options. Recipes include:

  1. Tomato egg hand pulled noodle soup
  2. Soy sauce chestnut fried rice
  3. Yaki onigiri
  4. ‘Egg’ battered golden tofu
  5. Sweet sesame soup with tang yuan

Korean & Japanese plant-based snacks

Kelly Loves is a range of Japanese and Korean snacks from a woman who was born in Korea, studied in Japan and moved to Europe to launch a business. Due to lack of funds, Kelly could not attend high school so moved age 14 to Seoul and worked in a sewing factory by day, to fund night school. She even lost two siblings to hunger at an early age, so is passionate about feeding people with affordability. Immersing herself later in Japanese culture, she learned how to make sushi from a master and blended this with her knowledge of Korean cuisine.

All items are stored unopened in a dry cool dark location, then eat within a few days once opened, following storage instructions. All vegan items are clearly marked, and many items are gluten-free (the aloe vera juice drink is sugar-free). Items without palm oil are also filtered. The range includes:

  1. Konjac noodles (Teriyaki, Curry, Sweet & Spicy)
  2. Topokki (Korean gnocchi – curry, spicy)
  3. Soy sauce (normal, lo-salt, sweet)
  4. Sushi vinegar & ginger
  5. Sushi rice & nori sheets
  6. Wasabi peas
  7. Matcha green tea powder

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