Most students have fond memories of dirt-cheap journeys to friends with National Express, albeit basic. And if you can’t afford a car or train prices, coaches are an option. And modern coaches have now upgraded with full accessibility, lots of legroom, free wi-fi, air conditioning, on-board toilets (National Express even have vehicles where drivers cannot even start the engines, until they have passed an alcohol breath test).

Prices remain much cheaper than trains (we added a dummy ticket from London to Edinburgh return and it came out at under £50). One reviewer when asked of a cheaper alternative to coach travel replied ‘I suggest you walk’ And a full coach takes 50 cars off the road!

Note that unlike buses and some train services, these coach companies are unable to take pets (except for assistance animals).

MegaBus is the other main player, offering hundreds of journeys each week to the major cities, at dirt-cheap prices compared to train travel. Ferrying around 4 million passengers each year, this company has removed some seats to give  extra leg room (reserve on booking), free wi-fi and charging points, air conditioning and 23kg luggage allowance.

Sunshine Coaches are specially adapted coaches for disabled children, to take them out on seaside trips and other fun days out. Non-profits and schools can apply for a sunshine coach that is designed to last years.

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