Devon flower market Peaches Art

Peaches Art

Whether a private front garden or a communal garden for flats, make either space welcome for humans, pets and widllife. Also consider that large trees could block out light or affect the foundations for others.

Make gardens safe for pets by avoiding toxic plants, mulch and slug pellets (also important if you are moving and new people with pets are moving in). Don’t face foliage to outdoor windows, to stop birds flying into windows.

Change oil/antifreeze in enclosed areas (use a funnel or have a mechanic do it). Avoid toxic rock salt near wildlife (it also burns paws indoors at higher temperatures, so rinse paws with warm water after snowy walks). Plant organic grass, to avoid chemicals affecting nearby dogs.

The Organic Natural Paint Co recommends Graphenstone and Auro for exterior walls, to protect walls from heat/moisture, and improve insulation. Lifetime is a nontoxic varnish  and linseed paint is good for doors/frames (highly flammable, so store leftovers in water). 

Keep things subtle to not affect neighbouring properties. Remove ‘path clutter’ and use solar outdoor lighting that goes off when not in use, to avoid light pollution. Report broken street lights to Fix My Street.

Live simply to avoid overflowing rubbish bins. Some people like to add trellis around bins, to fit in with gardens.

Clean your windows naturally and donate, recycle or sell cluttery knick-knacks to make a picture window to enjoy from the sofa. This lets natural light in (block off unsafe outdoor areas from children and pets).

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