Omari McQueen best bites cookbook

Omari’s Vegan Family Cookbook offers easy recipes by an up-and-coming young chef. This fun and colourful book is sure to get young people into the kitchen (a few recipes are deep-fried so switch to an air-fryer and have parents supervise, or leave them out).

Note foods to avoid giving to young children (not just nuts, but also nut butters, salty foods and choking hazard foods like peas, celery, carrot sticks, fruit pips, hot dogs etc). Learn first aid for choking incidents. Before cooking, read food safety for people & pets (many human foods are unsafe around animal friends).

Many of the recipes are Caribbean-focused (if you use ackee, only used tinned as fresh can literally kill you – Omari recommends tinned!) Recipes include:

  1. Lentil bolognese
  2. Rasta pasta
  3. Simple kebabs
  4. Crunchy colourful coleslaw
  5. Rice n peas
  6. Zingy beetroot salad
  7. Plum & blackberry crumble
  8. Cherry cheesecake

Omari McQueen learned to cook when his mother was poorly. He said she would have gone nuts had she had known he was experimenting in the kitchen, but now can’t get enough of his fruit crumble. His ambition is to be the next Gordon Ramsay but ‘without the meat and swearing!’

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