vegan apple pie

Vegan Apple Pie (Addicted to Dates) bakes a cinnamon-spiced apple filling inside a buttery flaky pie crust. The ultimate pie for autumn and winter. Make your own pastry to avoid palm oil (keep fresh dough, apples, cloves/nutmeg away from pets). Read food safety for people & pets.

vegan apple loaf

Also try a recipe for Vegan Apple Loaf (only needs 8 ingredients in one bowl, nice with vegan butter for breakfast).  England has many varieties of heritage apples, but all in danger of disappearing due to supermarket imports (most are sprayed with shellac – insects – to make them shiny). Look for organic loose-packed apples in local farm shops or find community orchards to pick your own for free. Invest in a good peeler (you’ll actually enjoy peeling apples and spuds!)

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