Japan Amber Davenport

Amber Davenport

Japan is mostly islands, with only a few urban areas, one of which is Tokyo. But all cities are better at protecting the planet than here, with hardly any litter (like Switzerland). One town has 45 separate categories, so consider that if you find it a chore to separate stuff into three bins! And the streets are so clean, it’s common practice for dog-walkers to not just pick up the poop, but carry a little bottle of water to rinse the pavement afterwards!

Whether people eat fish or soy, there are little markets for ready-meals, with most people eating heaps of vegetables and noodles, the only downside being a strong work culture, that goes too far the other way (many workers are exhausted). Yet top managers all have to spend a day a year on the factory floor, to be aware of how all employees experience working life.

The other caveat that needs to be addressed is that despite being fairly litter-free themselves, the country exports a good portion of the world’s packaging elsewhere. And locals tend to be hygiene-obsessed, so maybe sometimes go a bit overboard on packaging themselves. But overall Japanese people respect their natural world better than us. You won’t find streets filled with sweet wrappers, fast food packaging or cigarette butts in Japan!

Kyoto Amber Davenport

Amber Davenport

Animal welfare in Japan is a hot topic right now, after a horse died during a 680-year old Shinto festival. The charity has a long history, beginning after World War II when the founders began to raise money to help emaciated and dying dogs and horses.

Japan is a unique country, likely most of us has never visited. You may consider Japan as home of lovely buildings, macaque monkeys (who like to throw snowballs in hot springs) , but what else do we know about this most unusual of countries? In fact, it’s home to some of the healthiest people on earth, who regularly live to over 100 with no ill health until end-of-life.

Japan is very vegan-friendly by default, as most people eat lots of fresh vegetables, tofu and noodles, and also drink lots of green tea and matcha. Desserts are usually fruit-based.

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