Wells-next-the-sea Geraldine Burles

Geraldine Burles

Beach huts were originally designed in Victorian times to let people discreetly change (unless you were rich enough to be wheeled out to sea in a ‘bathing station!), most have no running water, but a couple of  deckchairs and a Thermos flask is all you need to gaze at the horizon, as the sun goes down. How good is life by the sea?!

Southwold Lorna Thompson

Lorna Thompson

Today beach huts are still found around the coastline, although often they cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to buy. But back in the day, it was common for people to own one. Beach huts are popular with our Danish neighbours, though you can’t buy one unless you’re a local. Unlike here, they tend to be white with doors at the side, so you can’t look a the sea (they are also often removed  during winter).

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