Botox is a poison used to stop sweating and is used cosmetically to stop frowns and wrinkles. However, animal welfare campaigners say it should be banned for cosmetics use, because each fresh batch is tested on mice. This is because it’s a medical product and that’s the law. But cosmetics testing on animals is now banned, so basically the law is being flouted in this case. Botox is also expensive and painful, and makes you look weird. So here are some more natural alternatives, that are also mouse-friendly!

Most ‘hyaluronic acid (often used in ‘anti-aging creams and supplements) comes from rooster crowns (either killed or farmed). 

Obviously beauty is best from the inside (we all get a few laughter lines, as we age). But look after yourself anyway (more water than wine, relax, don’t bake in the sun, eat well etc). This will all do far more than any cream or supplement.

do facial exercises work or not?

Izumi Foraste Onuma

A few years back, some people pooh-poohed facial exercises, saying they could make things worse. Others say they work with regular use to tone up skin. The problem is that most of us aren’t vain enough to spend ages in front of the mirror making silly faces, just to stop wrinkles! But if you do wish to go down this route, there are some better simpler exercies to try.

Face Yoga is an illustrated guide that promises (by the author above) results in a few weeks to reduce lines around the eyes and lips, reduce bags and dark circles and even help reduce a double chin.

face yoga method

Face Yoga Method is a website from a Japanese woman who after almost being killed in a car crash, so her face muscle collapse. So she learned exercises to fix this and now looks way younger than she is (in her 50s). She recommends drinking hot or warm water over cold, and her site includes before/after images from students.

anti-wrinkle paper patches for your face


Frownies have been around since the 30s, when Hollywood stars would wear them overnight, before heading to the Oscars. These are temporary fixes that you stick to your face for a few hours to ‘iron out wrinkles’ then take them off, and your wrinkles return! Still, they’re harmless and less painful than Botox, for a special night out.

The adhesive is water-activated but test first, in case you’re sensitive. They work like a ‘splint’ on lines between the eyes and crow’s feet. Just tear the performations, massage the lines for 10 seconds then press on and leave for a few hours, soaking with water to remove. Do not use on the neck area nor under the eyes.

vegan collagen beauty supplements

raw beauty lab

Raw Beauty Lab a vegan collagen supplement trusted by over 20,000 happy customers. There’s a 30-day basic supplement plus a special version for pregnancy, with a reusable scoop. Only buy the pregnancy/specific one as other versions contain natural vitamin A. Made in a facility not suitable for allergies, due to cross-contamination).

Consult a doctor if pregnant/nursing, under 18 or for medical conditions or allergies, before taking supplements (especially vitamin D). Keep away from children and pets (gummy supplements look and taste like sweets).

You should start to see results within 4 weeks, and there are plenty of testimonials and before/after images on site. The brand is also sold in plastic-free packaging and the company plants trees for each order. Mix into water, juice or smoothies. Developed using 100 years of research from Oxford University, the only caveat is that it won’t make you look like the founder (a former Miss World contestant!)

Feel (code partner20 for 20% discount excluding bundles/existing subscriptions) offers potent formulas made with cutting-edge technology to produce unique formulas available on subscription, delivered to your door. As well as being vegan, the formulas are also kosher, halal and free from GM ingredients. There are discounts for students and blue lighter workers (NHS, emergency services and Armed Forces).

The range includes supplements for skin, nails and hair (the hyaluronate acid is plant-based). The supplement to prevent hair loss contains Keranat™ that restores natural growth cycle and strengthens hair from root to tip). Results start to appear in around 2 weeks.

feel vegan collagen

  1. The vegan collagen supplement is designed to reduce fine lines in  28 days, with 80% of users finding a big improvement in skin elasticity, hydration (the supplement doubles collagen production in just 2 days).
  2. Vegan Vitality (code ENGNAT15 for 15% discount) offers a vegan collagen that uses plant-based extracts like acerola cherry and bamboo, plus L-lysine, biotin and 5 essential vitamins. Sold in easily-recycled kraft paper packaging, this is 3rd party tested by independent labs for quality and safety.
  3. Dr Vegan makes quality supplements that come with a metal tin for first purchase, then just buy zero waste refill pouches. They are designed to help skin, hair or nails, with affordable beauty bundles available.
  4. Beauty Kitchen Pure Source Collagen are vegan gummies sold in an aluminium bottle. Designed to help maintain plump healthy skin, they contain zinc and vitamin E, biotin and selenium. Chew one gummy per day
  5. We Are Nutrified makes good supplements in capsules (with glass refill jars), all vegan and free from palm oil. The range includes Glow & Grow, a unique blend of vitamins, biotin, copper, selenium and zinc for beauty benefits.

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