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Botox is a poison used medically to stop sweating and can also be used to stop frowning, hence why it’s used to reverse wrinkles and prevent new ones. However it not only stops you making expressions, but as a medical product, each fresh batch is tested on cutey mice. Campaigners want a law change. Because now that it’s illegal to use animal testing for cosmetics in the UK, this is a loophole which should not be in place. Botox is also painful and expensive, and makes you look odd.

Note nearly all versions of hyaluronic acid (often found in beauty supplements/creams) comes from combing the crown of a rooster bird. It may not ‘contain’ animal ingredients, but is not ‘vegan-friendly’ as animals are farmed to make it.

Although beauty comes mostly from what you eat and how you feel, some people benefit from a supplement. Consult a doctor if pregnant/nursing, under 18 or have medical conditions or allergies, before taking supplement. And check with doctor before taking vitamin D (children and some people should not take). Keep away from children and pets.

There are far better ways. One is to just accept that as we get older, we get a few laughter lines. The other is to look after yourself (more water over wine, a self-care routine, relax, do yoga, don’t bake in the sun and eat well). All of these will do far more for your skin than anything you buy.

Raw Beauty Lab is the first vegan collagen supplement. Your skin makes its own collagen, but some companies take collagen from cows and then put it in skin creams. Not only is this unkind, it doesn’t do anything either. This brand offers wholefood supplements with over 20,000 happy customers. Keep away from children and pets. 

The range includes the basic 30-day vegan collagen supplement, plus there’s a special version for pregnancy (marine/bovine collagen should not be used during pregnancy anyway), and a reusable scoop that you only have to buy once. A mix of various berries, beet and carrot powders, only buy the pregnancy/specific one as the other versions contain naturally-occurring vitamin A. Made in a facility that may not be suitable for allergy sufferers, due to cross-contamination.

Although it takes a few months to work, you should start to see results within 4 weeks or so. There are testimonials and before/after photos on the website. This supplement also helps hair and nails. The brand is made with wholesome ingredients, sold in plastic-free packaging, does not test on animals and plants trees for each order.

The brand was developed by a former Miss World Australia contestant and her husband, to deliver natural vegan and effective beauty supplements. The caveat is that unless you’re a genetic accident, the supplements won’t make you look like her! But she’s doing the planet and animals (and humans) a wonderful service by creating an ethical product to do good, and be good too.

To use, just take a selfie on your phone (your ‘before photo’). Then add the liquid supplement to water, juice or smoothies (or to yoghurt or cereal). Make sure you keep  this up for 3 months, then take an ‘after’ selfie to view the results!

The supplement was developed using 100 years of research from Oxford University, showing that if you eat certain portions of vegetables, this increases your own natural collagen levels (the protein in your skin that breaks down in your face, as you get older). This in turn leads to more skin moisture and less depth in wrinkles.

try some facial yoga exercises

face yoga

Old-style facial exercises were a bit dodgy as critics claimed they could make things worse. Although muscles in the face attach to skin, doing them wrongly could cause more harm. Facial yoga does look stupid (so do these exercises when nobody’s looking!) but they work well. Face Yoga is a good book to help you lines around the eyes and lips, along with reducing eyebags and dark circles, and can even help to reduce a double chin. The book is fully illustrated with photos, promising results in a few weeks, if you just take a few minutes a day to practice them.

Face Yoga Method is a website from a Japanese woman who lives in the US. She was almost killed in a car crash which led to her face muscles collapsing, so she decided to learn exercises to fix it. From her biography, she must be in her 50s, but just look at her! She also recommends drinking hot or warm water over cold, and trains face yoga teachers worldwide. Her website includes lots of before/after images from those who have followed her exercises.

anti-wrinkle paper patches for your face

frownies before after

Frownies have been around since the 30s, when Hollywood stars would wear them overnight, before heading to Oscar night. These are  temporary fixes, but harmless and eco-friendly. You basically stick them on your face for a few hours to ‘iron out wrinkles’ and then when you take them off – your wrinkles return! But if you’re having a special night out, they are lot cheaper and less painful then Botox.

The adhesive still lets skin breathe as it’s water-activated but do test areas before use, just to be safe. They’re mostly used on lines between the eyes and crow’s feet and basically work like a splint, by retraining the muscles back to their original position (before life’s woes gave you lines and wrinkles!) Do not use on the neck area nor under the eyes. To use, just tear along the perforations, massage facial lines for 10 seconds to stimulate circulation then press the patch on and leave for 3 hours or overnight. Just soak with water to remove.

plant-based beauty supplements

Feel multivitamin

Feel (use code englandnaturally for 20% discount excluding bundles and existing  subscriptions) offers some of the world’s best vegan supplements, in potent formulas in sustainable packaging. Developed with leading nutritionists, these are made using groundbreaking research and cutting-edge technology to produce unique formulas available on subscription, delivered to your door. As well as being vegan, the formulas are also kosher, halal and free from GM ingredients.

Consult a doctor if pregnant/nursing, under 18 or have medical conditions or allergies, before taking supplement. And check with doctor before taking vitamin D (children and some people should not take). Keep away from children and pets.

Each supplement clearly lists the ingredients and benefits, so you can make informed decisions about your health. It’s true that a balanced plant-based diet (with a few fortified foods) should be fine. But it’s always good to have a back-up, and this is one good brand to choose.If you are a student or blue light worker (NHS, emergency services or Armed Forces), you also can benefit from discounts on orders (not bundles).

If you’re vegan, you likely are aware of the importance of having enough B12 (the greatest people at risk are actually meat-eating elderly women due to lack of absorption). This is a water-soluble vitamin that’s carefully included in a high dose in their multi-supplement, along with a optimal but safe levels of other nutrients like magnesium and vitamin K2.

The flagship multivitamin contains 32 quality ingredients for overall health (including 13 vitamins, 10 minerals, 7 phytonutrients, alpha lipoic acid and L-glutamine), with results noticeable in 90 days. Just take 2 capsules per day, for results acclaimed in over 500 clinical studies. The supplements are also free from titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, maltodextrin, glycerin, palm oil, talc, gelatin and artificial coating agents.

The company also includes beauty-beneficial nutrients like biotin, zinc and selenium, along with separate supplements designed to help skin and hair health (Keranat™ is a scientifically proven ingredient that reduces hair loss, restores the natural growth cycle and strengthens hair from root to tip). Results are noticed by most people within 2 weeks. There is evidence that this ingredients increases hair follicle growth and collagen thickness within the hair bulb, for stronger shinier hair. Most women taking this also notice a big improvement in scalp dryness after 6 weeks. The substance is derived from natural substances like millet seeds, sunflower, wheat kernels, safflower and rosemary.

The vegan collagen supplement is designed to reduce fine lines in just 28 days, with 80% of users finding a big improvement in skin elasticity, hydration (the supplement doubles collagen production in just 2 days). It contains all the amino acids needed for collagen production (with no bovine or marine collagen) and this results in a smaller Dalton size, leading to better absorption.

Dr Vegan makes quality supplements in zero waste pouches, to put in a reusable tin. These are design for skin, hair or nails, with affordable beauty bundles available. Together Health also offers a good vegan beauty supplement in sustainable packaging.

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