jungle culture beard comb

Unless you are bald or have very short hair, you likely use a comb or brush. A wide-toothed comb is better for your hair, ideally made from sustainable wood or bamboo, as these are gentler materials like plastic or metal, and less likely to produce static electricity, which causes frizz. Hair is fragile when wet, so use a brush only on dry hair. The hairbrushes below are also made with animal-free bristles, and are also gentle on the hair shaft.

Jungle Culture beard comb has evenly-spaced fine teeth prongs to suit all beard types and facial hair, push in the right direction to prevent painful ingrown hairs.

jungle culture bamboo hairbrush

Jungle Culture bamboo hairbrush is designed for all hair types, with a pressured paddle surface and soft bristles to brush your hair wet or dry, without irritation. Using ethically-sourced bamboo, it’s sold in a zero waste paper box, and the brush massages your head and scalp to stimulate blood flow and promote hair growth. The wooden handles are delicately shaped to give a comfortable brushing experience.

plastic-free hair ties & scrunchies

plastic-free hair ties

Hair ties and scrunchies are used by women, men and children to tie hair back (often for safety, say when cooking). But most are made from nylon, polyester or recycled synthetics so if they fall off your wrist (or a child’s head when doing handstands), they fall down storm drains and go into the sea, to be ingested by marine wildlife. Instead, spend a few pounds on biodegradable versions. Then you can do as many handstands as you like, without worry!

Wild and Stone organic cotton hair ties are sold in sets of 6 in plastic-free packaging. They are strong enough to hold hair back, but gentle enough not to break hair strands.

plastic-free hair ties

Flon natural rubber hair ties are sold in sets of 6. Made from natural rubber and cotton, they are available in black and white.

plastic-free hair ties

Kooshoo (Canada) make hair ties from organic cotton and certified rubber, over 2.5 stronger than average, great for thick hair anad a man-bun! Dyed with low-impact colours, cold wash and lay flat to dry. The scrunchies are made from organic cotton and rubber (twist Headbands are not biodegradable, they contain spandex.

plastic-free hair scrunchies

natural hair styling clay (in tins)

Mubariz Mehdizadeh

Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh

NO GUNK is a brand of natural hair styling clay, sold in zero waste tins. Made with Moroccan Lava Clay, for a textured natual look at matte finish, and no residue left on your hands or hair after use. Made with mostly organic ingredients, but choose the unscented versions (the scented versions contain non-natural parfum). The Styling Funk is not vegan (contains beeswax).

The funky flex cream offers a water-based cream with mineral-rich kaolin, rose water and cactus seed oil, better for longer hairstyles. Again with no residue, this gives a stronger hold.

The company also makes a good mens’ exfoliator made with AHA acids, to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also sold in a zero waste metal bottle. Dermatologists say that regular exfoliating for ageing skin is more effective than slathering on moisturisers. AHA basically helps to undo all the damage from years of sun-bathing, drinking or smoking.

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