talc-free body powder

So why talc-free? Talc is an inorganic material that already is causing huge legal issues in the US, with people taking companies to court, after they have been diagnosed with ovarian cancers, with their attorneys citing talcum powder as the cause. The brand leader has recently announced it will discontinue use of talc in the US and Canada, following landmark legal cases.

Corinne Taylor’s Talc-Free Body Powder is formulated by a qualified aromatherapist. It’s sold in plastic-free aluminium packaging, in a handy sifter tub. This award-winning body powder is made with a combination of organic arrowroot and cornstarch and soft Bentonite clay, to absorb moisture while soothing skin. Scented with soothing chamomile and lavender oils. Avoid essential oils for pregnancy/nursing, babies and affected medical conditions.

Chagrin Valley (US) offers scent-free body powder. The same company offers scented body powders made with kaolin clay and finely-milled vegetable root powders. Choose from Rose Garden, Sage Mist, Lavender or Fresh Feet (made with organic herbs and essential oils).

Novapure Naturals is an amazing face & body powder, which can be used in place of talcum powder (an inorganic substance linked to ovarian cancer). Inspired by the founder’s daughter to create natural nontoxic alternatives, this is designed to help prevent rashes for both children and adults, and there are  incredible before/after photographs on the website, of people (including babies) who have been healed within weeks, after suffering from eczema, rashes, hyperpigmentation or acne.

Keep this powder dry, and away from water and open flame. Keep away from pets, as contains zinc (also found in natural sunscreens, which is why you should wash it off before letting them lick you!)

Made with organic oats, arrowroot, rosehip, kaolin clay, chamomile and calendula. It’s fragrance-free  (use within 12 months.

Sold in compostable packaging, she played ‘alchemist’ for 9 months to create an item that she was happy with, and played around with ratios until the correct formula was perfected. Reviews have been so good (everything from ‘dribble rash’ to athlete’s foot’ that the company is going from strength to strength. And all this from a woman who was a single mother to three daughters, and also dealing with chronic fatigue and autoimmune disease. Such an inspiration!

Also available in a travel tin size, just dab the powder anywhere (no need to add water). Some customers experience super-fast results. All information is printed in earth-friendly vegetable inks, and there is an organic cotton buffer inside, to stoppowder escaping whilst in transit.

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