scent-free baby powder

This scent-free talc-free baby powder is the ideal alternative to talcum powder. Made with finely milled vegetable root powders, gentle botanicals and silky clay, it’s ideal to absorb moisture and soothe chafing, prickly heat and skin irritation. Unfortunately we don’t appear to have anything similar in England, and this is an American brand, so hopefully someone can stock it here, or create something similar. You can find talc-free body powders in England, but most have essential oils, not needed for babies! An alternative is this calming powder (contains zinc, so keep away from pets, wash off before letting them lick you!)

So why talc-free? Talc is an inorganic material that already is causing huge legal issues in the US, with people taking companies to court, after they have been diagnosed with ovarian cancers, with their attorneys citing talcum powder as the cause. The brand leader has recently announced it will discontinue use of talc in the US and Canada, following landmark legal cases.

For adults, Corinne Taylor’s Talc-Free Body Powder is formulated by a qualified aromatherapist. It’s sold in plastic-free aluminium packaging, in a handy sifter tub. This award-winning body powder is made with a combination of organic arrowroot and cornstarch and soft Bentonite clay, to absorb moisture while soothing skin. Scented with soothing chamomile and lavender oils. Avoid essential oils for pregnancy/nursing, babies and affected medical conditions.

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